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Top 5 Things to Do In New York

Make time before or after your cruise to check out these amazing activities in New York here’s a quick roundup.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Every year, New York welcomes around 60 million travellers and is counted as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Apart from sight-seeing, things to do in New York before or after a cruise include multifarious opportunities for every type of explorer.


Things to Do in New York: Before or After Your Cruise  

A few of the top activities in New York that you can indulge in even after the voyage include –

1. Well Known Landmarks

One of the most iconic statues in the world, the 'Statue of Liberty' stands high on Liberty Island. This colossal neoclassical sculpture has held the pride of NYC intact for ages and welcomes myriad tourists from around the world. Besides this, the iconic Empire State Building and Times Square proudly show off the ostentatious side of this city.

You can also go to explore the city's delicacies such as New York cheesecake, baked pretzels, and New York-style bagels. Additionally, you can also check street food, pizza and New York-style Italian ice for a flavourful experience.

2. Magnificent Museums

Although there are multiple fun things to do in New York after a cruise, New York's museums are a blessing if you are a history buff. In terms of art, they have really pushed their limits and proudly boast their creativity by organizing exhibitions and displaying different facets of art.

Some of the most emblematic museums in the world, such as International Center of Photography Museum, Neue Galerie New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and others, are located here.

3. Shopping Centers

One of the best things to do in New York before a cruise is to go for a quick shopping trip to grab some essentials. Luckily, New York is dotted with countless shops, stores and boutiques that are a heaven for shopping lovers. You can walk around Fifth Avenue and fill your bag with elegant dresses, designer shoes and purses, and jewellery. The flea and street markets are ideal for bargain hunters across midtown.

4. Skyline Views

While going for a cruise, you must be excited for a tranquil view of the ocean or a top view of the unfathomable water. But, before going on a cruise, you can get a spectacular view of New York from the skyline. You can climb to the top of the Empire State Building or Top of the Rock to get an experience like no other. This is also a great way to utilize the time before boarding a cruise from New York.

5. Guided Tours

If you have ample time before going on a voyage or after arriving from a voyage, you can take guided tours to get to know this city. If you are visiting for the first time, you can opt for a tour guide or make an itinerary for yourself, including all your favorite places. An ideal itinerary for first-time visitors will be Times Square – Central Park – Upper East Side – Brooklyn Bridge Route or World Trade Center – Brooklyn Bridge – DUMBO.

The Final Word

Although there are multiple things to enjoy in New York, the opportunities depend on your time. For example, one of the best things to do in New York before or after a cruise includes visiting some of its iconic parks, such as Central Park, Bryant Park and others. Also, if you are invested in prehistoric life, the American Museum of Natural History is an excellent option. If you can invest days, explore the city's neighbourhoods such as SOHO, Uptown Manhattan, and Greenwich Village.

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