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Which Side of a Cruise Ship Is Best for Norwegian?

Uncover the best choice for your cruise as we help you decide between the two sides for an unforgettable Norwegian adventure.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Norway is a dream destination for many travelers, with its breathtaking fjords, majestic mountains, and attractive landscapes. This Nordic wonderland must be explored from the confines of a luxury cruise ship. However, the crucial question arises: what is the best side of the cruise ship to see Norwegian adventure? Let's find the ideal viewpoint for your cruise through the charming fjords of Norway.

Know about the Best Cruise Ship Side of Norwegian Cruise Lines 

Port Side vs. Starboard Side

To get started, knowing what port and starboard sides mean is essential. As we move forward, the port side is on the left, and the starboard side is on the right. Cruises are offered from either side. The selection of the best depends on the route and specific ports.

Geography Matters

Norwegian fjords are varied, but depending on their orientation, the most breathtaking views could be from either side of the ship. For instance, the Geirangerfjord should be entered from the starboard side to get spectacular views of the Seven Sisters Waterfall, among other popular sites. However, the Nærøyfjord could be seen from the portside during the cruise and offers better views than the Sognefjord.

Portside Serenity

Sailing south along the Norwegian coast might favor the port side. This side usually faces the sea to ensure you get all the beautiful coastal villages and lively greenery. The port sides meet the shore to have clear views of picturesque landscapes and traditional Norwegian architecture as the ship navigates through narrow passages.

Starboard Strategically

On the other hand, the starboard side may be better for the north cruises. This positioning enables passengers to be among the first to witness Norway's breathtaking fjords and mountains. Sailing through the Trollfjord, which has towering cliffs on the starboard side, could be particularly advantageous.

Consider Your Itinerary

To make a well-informed decision, have a look at your cruise schedule. The first cruises took northern to southern directions, and the second took the south to north direction. The choice between port and starboard greatly determines your enjoyment based on the particular fjord and ports you will be visiting. Make sure to research the planned route of your cruise and then choose the appropriate cabin.

Panoramic Suites and Balconies

Consider a panoramic suite or a cabin with a private balcony for the perfect Norwegian cruise. These premium rooms offer uninterrupted vistas and enable you to absorb Norway's splendor from your space's convenience. The experience is further enhanced by having a private outdoor area, especially during scenic cruising and sailing through narrow fjords.

Flexibility Is Key

Remember that weather conditions can influence visibility. Fjords can be covered in mist or illuminated by the sun, which makes the landscape look entirely different. Depending on the prevailing weather, go for a cabin on the side that will offer the best view. Some cruisers suggest midship cabins for enhanced stability due to motions in bows and stern.

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Ultimately, the debate over which side of a cruise ship is best for a Norwegian adventure is subjective and depends on various factors. Research your cruise route, know the geography of the fjords you visit, and consider different sides on a case-by-case basis according to your itinerary.

Cruising through the Norwegian coast, either port or starboard side, will be unforgettable, offering scenic coastal views or dramatic fjords entrances. This maritime journey through one of the most enchanting destinations in the world offers breathtaking landscapes, charming villages, and, if you are fortunate, witness the Northern Lights. Therefore, set sail, embrace the beauty of Norway, and forge lasting memories. For more information, you can visit

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