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Are you planning to visit the stunning Mahe Island or the attractive colonial city of Maputo? You can see more interesting places and spend a memorable journey by taking the perfect cruises from Port Elizabeth. Located in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, Port Elizabeth has a beautiful selection of attractive family vacation destination spots around it.

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12 Nights | Africa | Silversea | Silver Cloud Expedition

12 Nights | Africa | Silversea | Silver Cloud Expedition

Silver Cloud Expedition

Port Elizabeth Maputo

12 Nights

Port Elizabeth | Cape Town | LNGB | HRMN | ELS | Durban | Richards Bay | Maputo **

Cruise Deals from Port Elizabeth to Maputo

Lowest Rate*
  • Suite $6,950.00
From $6,950.00* $579.17 / night(s)

30 Nights | Indian Ocean | Silversea | Silver Cloud Expedition

30 Nights | Indian Ocean | Silversea | Silver Cloud Expedition

Silver Cloud Expedition

Port Elizabeth Mahe Island

30 Nights

Port Elizabeth | Cape Town | LNGB | HRMN | ELS | Durban | Richards Bay | Maputo | MOQ | BESM | IMZB | NWA | KILK | FNJI | Zanzibar | ADBA | ASSI | ADBA | ASTV | Mahe Island **

Cruise Deals from Port Elizabeth to Mahe Island

Lowest Rate*
  • Suite $20,800.00
From $20,800.00* $693.33 / night(s)

Port Elizabeth is also known as a friendly city because of the wonderful host that the region is to its tourists. Planning to book a Cruise from Port Elizabeth, you will embark on an unforgettable journey that you will treasure lifelong.

Top Cruises from Port Elizabeth

Silversea is the epitome of classiness when it comes to making a journey memorable. It takes you to unravel the popular destinations of Darwin, Maputo, and the Mahe. 

1. Silversea Cruises

Silversea Cruises is one of the best-in-class luxurious expedition cruise lines, famously known as the "jewel in the crown" of the Royal Caribbean Group. 

Onboard Amenities Offered by Silversea Cruises from Port Elizabeth

Although multiple cruise lines are journeying from Port Elizabeth, Silversea Cruises houses exclusive facilities you can enjoy while traveling to your favorite holiday destinations.

Travel Time by Silversea Cruise Line

The travel time on a Silversea cruise line to holiday destinations around Port Elizabeth can take about two weeks to two months. This, again, is dependable on the destination you are traveling to. 

If you are traveling to Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, the sailing time is 12 nights. If you plan to visit the striking white sand beaches of Mahe Island, the journey time is 30 nights. On the other hand, a cruise to the historic art galleries and untouched natural environments of Darwin will take three months and six days by Silversea cruise line. 

Immerse in the World-class Cuisine

Isn't food a mandatory part of traveling? More so when cruising on crystal clear ocean waters and have a mesmerizing view of the ocean horizon. 

Silversea Cruise from Port Elizabeth offers an endless tray of delectable dishes. From Italian portions of pasta, pan-Asian cuisine, and juicy steaks to barbeques and pizzas, it has a wholesome offering. Besides that, you finish your meals with an exquisite taste of a fine glass of wine. 

Entertainment on Deck  

While you watch the sparkling sea waters and clear blue skies from the deck, you can engage yourself in a fun session with various entertaining activities on board. 

You can engage yourself in everything from water volleyball, mini golfing, shuffleboard, tennis board, or dancing classes. Moreover, you can also involve yourself in enriching lectures, body massages, aromatherapy sessions, salon treatments, or learning computers. 

Till you reach your holiday destination, the cruise line has multiple activities never to letkeep you from getting bored.

Accommodation Onboard

A journey should be as exciting and memorable as the destination you are traveling to. Hence, Silversea Cruises offers the finest kind of in-house accommodations. 

Enjoy the panoramic view of the ocean from your premium suites crafted with exquisite craftsmanship. From the comfort of your bedding, you can also avail of personal butlers and opt for in-suite dinners and other personalized services. 

Key takeaway

Silversea Cruises takes you on a memorable cruise to your favorite holiday spots near Port Elizabeth. It operates to beautiful port destinations and offers a specially curated personalized onboard experience so that your journey unravels to be as fine as the destinations you are traveling to. 

While sketching your holiday plan, visit CruiseBooking.com to get the best cruise deals on the finest cruise lines.

FAQs for Cruises from Port Elizabeth

While you are taking a stroll on the deck in the mornings, you can wear resort-style clothing. As the sun sets, people usually wear formal clothes, such as tuxedos and gowns, in the evenings and the night hours.

For children's entertainment, the Silversea cruise line has video game playing zones, a small outdoor deck play area, a kid activities room, and a beanbag seating arrangement.

The suite options available on Silversea cruises are the adventure suite, panorama suite, deluxe veranda suite, and medallion suite.
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