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Cruise Lines to Bermuda

Bermuda Cruise Lines

Cruise to Bermuda and enjoy the luxuries and tropical delights it has to offer. Enjoy a Bermuda vacation filled with beach days, nights with laughter and revelry, and some of the world's best golf links. Experiencing the Crystal Caves or visiting the Bermuda Aquarium will blow your socks off. You can spend your Bermuda cruise relaxing or active as you please. You are about to experience happiness. A stately demeanor sets Bermuda apart from most other island nations. There have been continuous British settlements in Bermuda for over 450 years. Bermuda is also famous for having more golf courses per acre than anywhere else and for its shorts.

We offer attractions, hidden natural wonders, vintage markets, boutiques, historic towns, and world-famous pink-sand beaches that await you right after you step off the ship. There is plenty to see and do on the tiny island, which is only 21 square miles in size. Bermuda blends island life with proper English traditions in a self-governing British dependency. See pink-sand beaches and shimmering blue water in Bermuda, where hibiscus and bougainvillea bloom beside pretty pastel cottages. Bermuda also has a vibrant afternoon tea culture, powdered wigs worn by judges, and cricket as a famous team sport.

Which Cruise Lines go to Bermuda?

Bermuda cruises offer a variety of exciting destinations with unique styles and vibes. Many of the best cruise lines sail to Bermuda, including Royal Caribbean International, Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises, Princess Cruises, Holland America Line and MSC Cruises.

List of Best Cruise Lines for Bermuda

A Bermuda cruises will take you to turquoise waters and pastel-colored houses. Enjoy a sunshine cruise holiday on this picturesque Caribbean island. There are museums, art galleries, hiking trails, water sports, golfing, and sandy beaches on this tiny island with influences from Europe, Africa, and beyond. It is the northernmost Caribbean island and is often visited by cruise ships sailing from New York or Florida. The city is a hub for culture, adventure, and culinary infusions with opulent mansions, thriving local markets, and culinary infusions.

Bermuda is especially popular in the summer months because of its 80-degree temperature in the Atlantic Ocean off the eastern coast of the United States. Its pink sand beaches, famous golf courses, and historic bays draw tourists to its tourist-friendly, sub-tropical island. You can explore or relax for three days on many cruises. Moreover, here are the cruise lines which can take you to Bermuda.

1. Carnival Cruise Line

Find out that paradise is, in fact, a reality in this land of pink sand and turquoise waters. There may be a royal family in Bermuda and a police force composed of constables. Still, Bermudan breakfast is codfish, potato, and banana. Take a Bermuda cruise and experience this unique cultural cocktail and natural beauty. World-class golf, glass-bottom boats, swimming with dolphins, mountain biking, and shopping are all available on this island, with green hills, pastel-colored homes, and pink sand beaches. The mild climate makes tea time outdoors all year round. Carnival's cruises to Bermuda are a perfect getaway that's both proper and relaxing.

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2. Celebrity Cruise Line

Travel experiences in Bermuda rival anything you'll find in a tropical paradise. It's an easy island getaway for those on the East Coast with island vibes, British charm, warm weather, palm trees, and breathtaking blue water. Cape Liberty is a popular departure port for Bermuda cruises across the river from New York City. Everything from pink sand beaches to shipwreck diving to hiking through the jungle is available. Explore the Crystal Caves and see natural stalactites and stalagmites. There are museums and art galleries in Bermuda. Its forts are well preserved.

Its picture-perfect beaches, hiking trails, and golf courses make it ideal for water sports and golf. There is enough time to explore the Royal Naval Dockyard on our 7- and 10-night Bermuda cruise itineraries. You will visit Newport, Rhode Island, on all of our Bermuda sailings in 2020, a historical town renowned for its seaside cliffs and historic mansions. You'll also enjoy an overnight stay in Charleston, South Carolina, a cosmopolitan city with southern charm.

3. Norwegian Cruise Line

Sail from Boston or New York on Norwegian Joy, Norwegian Pearl, or Norwegian Gem for a Bermuda cruise. If you decide to sail from anywhere, we'll get you to the Royal Naval Dockyard, where you can freely explore beaches, golf courses, restaurants, shops, and historical monuments. Swim with your family or go snorkeling at Horseshoe Bay. Relax and enjoy a massage, a four-course meal, the casino, late-night dining, and dancing. Norwegian lets you travel when convenient, not when our schedule allows. Do you need a quick getaway? There's nothing Norwegian can't handle. Experience an otherworldly paradise with one of our 4-5 day Bermuda cruises. It has pink sand beaches. Waters with a turquoise hue. The sunsets are tangerine. Take a Bermuda vacation to discover all of this and more. Play with pink sand and build your first castle. Discover underwater life that is so colorful. A top-rated public golf course, Port Royal Golf Course, is also available. This is why we have been named "Best Bermuda Itineraries" for ten years running!

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4. Oceania Cruise Line

Embrace Bermuda's British flair with crisp colonial architecture lining its lanes, contrasted with the island's rolling hills and laid-back vibes. The classic Dark 'n' Stormy cocktail was created here, along with bright white roofs that catch rainwater for drinking. The African Diaspora Heritage Trail explores Bermuda's legacies and past. Front Street in Hamilton has vibrant street art and shops to offer a memorable tour of UNESCO-protected St. George, Pink Sand Beach, and Horseshoe Bay. Bermuda shore excursions showcase the best local attractions, culture, and history, from easy-going tours to immersions in the local parishes. With an extended stay and overnights in Bermuda, you can explore the island in depth, have adventures ashore, and enjoy leisurely, meaningful tours.

5. Regent Seven Seas Cruise Line

Discover a symphony of colors - the sparkling turquoise waters, pink sand beaches, and iconic pastel architecture of St. George, all framed by lush green mountains. Enjoy the pink sands, the Royal Naval Dockyard, or the dramatic Crystal Cave. These islands are known for their rich history, culture, and natural beauty.

6. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

Cruises to Bermuda and experience a paradise filled with history and pink sand beaches. Take a cruise from the East Coast of the United States to Bermuda and explore an island oasis. Royal Navy Dockyard is a British colonial landmark. Visit the Gothic-style towers of the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity in St. George's and Hamilton and dip in the blue waves at Horseshoe Bay Beach. Do you crave outdoor adventure? Explore Tobacco Bay's shipwrecks and coral reefs as you hike the Railway Trail. Get a taste of Bermuda's magic.

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Crowding on Bermuda cruises is much more complex than on Caribbean cruises. Bermuda cruise lines often limit the number of triple and quad occupancy cabins on each sailing due to the limited number of passengers allowed to disembark in Bermuda. Booking a Bermuda cruise during the summer (when school is out) generally requires 90 days in advance. To book your Bermuda cruise holiday, visit us today!

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