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Cruises to British Isles

About British Isles

British Isles

Discover the wild beauty of the British Isles on a cruise vacation to this captivating destination. With an abundance of cultural attractions and historical sites as well as some stunning wildlife sanctuaries, it offers the curiosity of fellow cruisers a fascinating experience. From remote beaches in the Scottish Hebrides to the small fishing villages and sandy coves of Cornwall, an expedition cruise will allow you to explore places off the beaten path.

British Isles’s Highlights

These highlights offer a quick overview of the British Isles as a cruise destination. Experience everything from Jurassic coasts and rolling cliffs on the southwest coast of England, to the ethereal waters of Mull, to isolated islands off the coast of Scotland, to some of the most ancient ports in Ireland. From an elevated vantage point onboard, discover all of the ports. 

1. Prehistoric Coastlines and Lively Shores

Cruisers can enjoy the breathtaking views of the British Isles with over 140 islands and 12,500 kilometers of coastline. The landscape has been shaped over millions of years by glaciations and land collisions. The fossil-rich cliffs and ocean-sculpted bays tell the story of its past. Even without stepping out of the cruise ship, one can take advantage of the liveliness of the waterfront. In addition, you can see dolphins playing in the waves from balconies and top decks while you watch otters and seals along the coast. In autumn, thousands of starlings swarm along the clifftops. The British Isles is nothing short of charming.

2. Majestic Castles

Take a stroll through the area's grand and famous castles to learn about the history of the British Islands. Malahide Castle is the oldest castle in Ireland, and the expansive gardens are a great day trip from Dublin. Visit the Tower of London while in Dover. The Leeds Castle is the home of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon, which can be visited in Kent. Belfast Castle is an impressive Scottish baronial manor house in Northern Ireland. Get prime views of rugged Irish cliffs, high Scottish castles, and quaint coastal villages from your cruise ship's deck. Gaze out over the crystal waters of the Isles of Scilly as you gaze up at the towering cliffs along England's south coast. 

3. Local Pub Culture

The pub tour is a classic Irish pastime that you may not want to miss, whether you're tasting Irish whiskey in Cork or Belfast or touring the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. Distilleries have been sprouting up throughout the British Isles, connecting locals and international travelers with the area's best liquors and beers. Get a taste of something new and refreshing while you're on vacation, and chat with locals in the pub. 

Ports to Visit on British Isles Cruises

The British Isles are a world of fairytales when you're on a cruise. You'll see enchanting countrysides and castles straight out of a storybook. Visit Glasgow Cathedral, a beautiful stained-glass church. Discover Stonehenge's mysteries in England, and climb the Eiffel Tower in Paris. According to legend, visitors to Ireland's iconic castle will get the gift of gab after touching the Blarney Stone. Discover British Isles' ports to learn more. 

1. Cork, Ireland

The city of Cork, Ireland's iconic city, blends myth and fact to become a beacon of romance. Explore the emerald terrains of the city on a British Isles cruise while admiring the Lakes of Killarney national park. Blarney's 18th-century village is home to a delicious Irish coffee. You can also have a picnic on the hills of Cashel, with St. Patrick's Rock in the background. 

2. Edinburg, Scotland

A diverse landscape of design can be found in Edinburgh, a city with centuries of cultural change. Visit Edinburgh Castle on Castle Rock, the highest point in Edinburgh, as you cruise the British Isles. Discover the expansive collection of artwork in The Royal Yacht Britannia, or explore the Georgian architecture in New Town as you shop for souvenirs. 

3. Paris & Normandy (Le Havre)

A cruise from the British Isles to France can help you reconnect with loved ones and experience an inspiring love story. Enjoy a breakfast crepe at a sidewalk café when your cruise docks in Le Havre. Choose between two excursions to keep you entertained all day. Explore Paris' artwork or see the beaches of D-Day or the tidal island of Mont Saint Michel in Normandy. 

4. Stonehenge, Portland

Stone extracted from Portland's quarries has been used for a number of historic buildings, including Buckingham Palace and St. Paul's Cathedral. The city, however, offers so much more. Learn how Langham Wine Estate turns grapes into wine and explore the mysteries of Stonehenge while on a cruise of the British Isles. You can also see baby swans parading through Abbotsbury Swannery's grounds, which is 600 years old. 

5. Dover, England

With beautiful countryside, charming towns, and historical landmarks that surround the city, Dover is an ideal location to explore. Discover the dramatic landscape and coastline of the White Cliffs of Dover. Experience Canterbury Cathedral's towering Gothic spires and fascinating history as you explore a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore the charming town of Tenterden and find unique souvenirs to commemorate your cruise to the British Isles. 

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