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Cruise Lines to Central America

Central America Cruise Lines

Due to their shared Latin American background, the seven countries in central america share a diversity that makes them somewhat similar yet different simultaneously.

The Caribbean on its eastern coast, North America, and the Galapagos Islands often overshadow Central America as a cruise destination. You can discover hidden gems and unforgettable experiences on a grand world cruise, a fly-cruise, or a custom-made cruise and stay package. central america cruises offer a variety of activities, from Mayan ruins to white-water rafting, hikes through the rainforests and their wildlife, and city tours.

Panama Canal cruises are also top-rated in Central America. Taking in rugged landscapes, tropical rainforests, and man-made feats of engineering like 85-foot-high locks, you can cruise down one of the world's most iconic waterways from Colón on the northeast coast to Panama City in the south.

Which Cruise Lines goes to Central America?

A diverse selection of cruise operators offers cruises in central america, from Windstar Cruises to Hapag-Lloyd Cruises to Ponant Cruises, including cruises under sail. Several cruise lines sail to the region during peak season, including Celebrity Cruises, Silversea, and Holland America. Several cruises are available, offering Caribbean and Central American itineraries. In the UK, Fred Olsen Cruise Lines and P&O Cruises offer longer sailings through the Panama Canal than Oceania Cruises and Seabourn.

List of Best Cruise Lines for Central America

The Caribbean and the Mediterranean are classic cruise destinations. There are still many beautiful beaches in central america, dense tropical jungles, and a dramatic historical backdrop. The seven countries of Central America lie between the southern and northern regions of the continent, each offering an array of tropical attractions and a rich blend of culture, cuisine, and history. Among the world's most authentic bucket-list destinations, Central America is a region best explored by ship, making it the best place for a cruise.

1. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

A vibrant mix of cultures, history, cuisine, and natural landscapes. Colombia's colorful and colonial capital city, Cartagena, may enchant you. Visit San Luis Park in Costa Rica to explore lush rainforests. In Cozumel, Mexico, you can relax on white-sand beaches. Discover the Mayan landmark El Castillo in the rainforest near Belize City and snorkel in the warm waters lined with vibrant coral reefs. Visit Guatemala's Baroque churches, a backdrop to the dramatic Volcan de Agua volcano, while admiring the Spanish colonial-era streets of Antigua, Central, and South America.

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2. Viking Ocean Cruise Line

Explore the diverse cultures, rich history, and breathtaking natural beauty of Central America's coasts. Get a taste of the Mayan civilization in Belize and the Emberá people in Panama, and learn about Cozumel's colonial past. Visit Honduras, where you can admire sand beaches and turquoise waters, and Costa Rica, where you can see lush rainforests. Visit Jamaica and marvel at the Panama Canal's workings.

3. Celebrity Cruise Line

Central America offers some of the world's most abundantly beautiful destinations. You'll find pristine beaches, intriguing antiquities, diverse wildlife, and lush rainforests everywhere, from Costa Rica to Panama, Belize, Honduras, and Guatemala. Enjoy trekking through the cloud forest, zip-lining over the jungle canopy, and snorkeling in coral reefs while learning about indigenous and colonial history.

Take a cruise through the Panama Canal, viewing the locks at Lake Gatun on one of these Central American cruises. Experience the rainforest on horseback in Puntarenas, Costa Rica, or learn about the Afro-Caribbean culture in Puerto Limón. Experience Roatan's thriving reefs or Belize City's ancient Mayan temples while diving or snorkeling. Take a Celebrity cruise to central america for the vacation of a lifetime.

4. Hurtigruten Expedition

Tropical land and seascapes of central america are most people's ideas of paradise. You can expect to see azure skies, towering volcanoes, turquoise waters, and vivid marine life teeming with colors. A stunning pocket of rainforest surrounds isolated villages in a remote region of Central America. You'll visit vibrant, cosmopolitan cities along the coast. The part is home to some of the most exotic wildlife on earth, from sleepy fishing towns to Mayan ruins.

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With fantastic weather, lush tropical landscapes, colorful wildlife, and rich local cultures, a Central America cruise is a great way to explore some of the world's less-known cruise destinations. Cruising to Central America will always be exciting with its incredible wildlife, vibrant cities, delicious cuisine, and beautiful beaches. Book your Central America Cruise today, only on

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