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Japan Cruise Ships

Japan is a land of contrasts, with tranquil retreats to soaring high skyscrapers. If you are planning to visit Japan, checking out its ports is highly recommended. These were closed for around 200 years and are now open for the world to experience its stunning scenery. Therefore, an ideal way to explore the country is by taking a best cruise ship to Japan.

Japan cruise has a massive coastline, and exploring it by sea is undoubtedly one of the preferable methods. Hence, you can consider booking a cruise ship to Japan if you want to visit this remarkable destination.

Additionally, Japan is much more than just the bustling metropolises of Tokyo and Osaka. You can take your family to the islands to tour around, check out the evidence of Japan's imperial past, and learn the devastating history of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Trending Cruise Ships to Japan

These are some of the popular cruisers you can choose to best cruise ship to visit in Japan.

1. Azamara Journey

The Azamara Journey is a premium boutique hotel at sea. This mid-sized cruiser has a capacity of 600-plus guests. Hence, some may feel this ship remains crowded due to its size, but it is not. The decks on this ship are designed in such ways that they create a proper balance without any hindrance.

Azamara Journey Cruise to Japan has modern facilities like butler service in suites and exciting shore excursions. This cruise line promises a remarkable journey as it claims to provide "destination immersion experiences." Furthermore, it is not only about those thrilling shore activities but also about the onboard experiences. So, along with offering delectable cuisines from around the world, the Azamara cruise line has also included a new vegan menu.

2. Azamara Quest

Another popular ship from the Azamara cruise line is the Azamara Quest. This is also a mid-sized premium hotel at sea. Azamara Quest has refurbished staterooms that include world-class amenities, and most of these rooms and suites have a verandah. This will provide your room with a stunning ocean view. Hence, boarding a cruise to Japan with such top-class facilities as the Azamara cruise line is no less than a luxury.

Once you are on board, you will have several amenities to check. A few of those amenities include the cabaret lounge, casino, boutique shops, spa, salon, beauty treatment, and fitness center. However, there are no children-specific activities on board.

3. Celebrity Solstice

One of the popular cruise ships to Japan is the Celebrity Solstice. This cruiser belongs to the Celebrity Cruises. To experience this lavish resort-type sail, you must plan and make early reservations. This particular ship can accommodate around 3,000 guests, along with 1200 crew members.

As you sail to your destination, you can enjoy the award-winning onboard experiences of the Celebrity Solstice cruises. Restaurants on the deck serve appetizing cuisines prepared by a Michelin-starred chef. Also, the deck is safe for your kids to play their favorite outdoor games while you have a relaxing time in a spa or sunbathe at the Lawn Club.

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4. Diamond Princes

Diamond Princess Cruise to Japan is one of the cruisers from the Princess cruise lines. This magnificent ship can host approximately 2600 guests. The Diamond Princess has the most effortless and efficient contactless boarding system assisted by the Medallion Class app. In addition, you do not need to carry a key every time because these staterooms unlock as you approach the door and greet.

The diamond princess ship has 17 decks, and each of these has separate amenities for passengers to access. Here, you can choose from a wide range of restaurants depending on your craving. Nevertheless, if you feel tired and too lazy to go out, you can also order from the 24/7 complimentary room service. For your entertainment purposes, the ship is equipped with a theater to enjoy modern and timeless hits, nightclubs, casinos, art galleries, etc.

5. Queen Elizabeth

Belonging to the Cunard cruise line, the Queen Elizabeth cruise is very stylish and modernized. As you step on the Queen Elizabeth Cruise to Japan, you can feel the elegance and luxury of this cruise. This massive ship can accommodate around 2000 passengers along with 1000 crew members. Additionally, there are nine types of suites and staterooms available for the guests.

This cruise ship to Japan has a specially designed Royal Theater with 20 private Royal Boxes, which travelers can reserve. Moreover, the Cunard cruise line is known for its famous White Star Services, which is also seen in Queen Elizabeth. In addition, the ship offers several complementary and specialty dining restaurants. In addition, there are plenty of options for other onboard activities for passengers of all ages.

6. Silver Muse

The Silversea cruise line presents the Silver Muse, which is definitely an art in itself. This cruiser, although smaller in size, is extremely lavish. If you prefer traveling without much crowd, this vessel is an ideal cruise ship to Japan.

The ship has enhanced every aspect, not to be uncompromised, satisfying the borders. Passengers can choose from the different suites available on board, depending on their requirements. In addition, you will find a diverse culinary presentation. Those planning a special evening on the ship can also get a private dining experience.

Other facilities you can avail of on the cruise are the Zagara Beauty Spa and Salon, Casino, Venetian Lounge, and many more. Although there are no restrictions in bringing in children above six months, there is no specific kid's zone.

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