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Costa Serena Dining: Restaurants, Bar & Food

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Costa Serena Dining with Unique flavors on board

On the Costa Serena , you'll find amazing food that everyone around the world will love. There are lots of places to eat on the ship, from restaurants to cafes, where you can try all kinds of delicious food. Whether you want some classic Italian food or something from another part of the world, the talented chefs make every dish with lots of care. No matter if you're looking for a fancy dinner or just a quick snack, there's always something tasty to eat on Costa Serena.

Eating at the Costa Serena is like going on a flavor adventure. There are so many choices, from fancy restaurants to buffet meals and special food spots. Every place to eat has its special feel and menu. They really care about using good ingredients and offering a variety of foods, which shows how much they want to make eating there a great experience.

Take a look at what you can eat at Costa Serena. There's something for everyone!

Photo Courtesy: Costa Serena
1. Casanova Restaurant
The Casanova restaurant is the most private and special on the ship. It has gentle lighting, captivating music, and a unique table setup. They provide a special food experience with three menus created by famous chefs Bruno Barbieri, Hélène Darroze, and Ángel León.
Photo Courtesy: Costa Serena
2. Pummid'Oro Pizzeria
Pummid'Oro Pizzeria on Costa Serena serves delicious pizzas with a variety of toppings. It's a cozy spot to enjoy a slice or a whole pie freshly made just for you. A favorite for pizza lovers on board.
Photo Courtesy: Costa Serena
3. The Salty Beach Street Food
Enjoy real street food flavors by the pool! It's the best spot for a tasty burger packed with your favorite toppings and yummy paninis that everyone will love. Try the true Amalfi Coast sweets from Sal de Riso's bakery - who can say no to a Baba or a Neapolitan Riccia?
Photo Courtesy: Costa Serena
4. Restaurant Buffet
The Costa Serena's Restaurant Buffet offers a wide variety of dishes, perfect for any taste. It's a casual place where you can enjoy delicious meals, from Italian favorites to international cuisine. With fresh salads, hot dishes, and sweets, it's ideal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. A great spot for everyone to eat and relax.
Photo Courtesy: Costa Serena
5. Vesta Restaurant
You get breakfast, lunch, and dinner at your table, with menu choices for each meal. At dinner, you have a table saved for you for the whole cruise. The chefs make a wide variety of dishes every day for you to enjoy.
Photo Courtesy: Costa Serena
6. Sushino at Costa
Sushino at Costa is a beautiful sushi place on the ship. It gives you a real taste of Japan with different sushi types like nigiri, maki, sashimi, and mochi. Want something before a meal, lunch, or dinner? Choose to eat here or take it with you. You decide! The sushi chef has made some special dishes for you to enjoy, all created using old, traditional ways.
Photo Courtesy: Costa Serena
7. Spice Routes Restaurant
Experience the rich flavors of Indian cuisine in a special cooking adventure. Get ready for a journey of senses, surrounded by the smell of spices and the taste of real Indian food.

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