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Utopia of the Seas : Dining, Bar & Restaurants

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Utopia of the Seas with Luxurious Dining Options

Explore over 20 different dining places on the Utopia of the Seas that will make your guests’ taste buds travel the world. You can enjoy well-known spots like Chops Grille, revamped places like Izumi at the park, and brand-new dining spots. Whether you prefer traditional favorites or adventurous dining experiences, there's something for everyone. You can either dine with your group or have a restaurant all to yourselves with our special buy-out choices.

Complimentary Dining Options

Royal Caribbean provides diverse dining options for a delightful cruise experience on Utopia of the Seas. Included in your fare are complimentary eateries offering varied menus from casual cafes to elegant dining rooms. The Main Dining Room serves up rotating, delicious meals for lunch, dinner, and breakfast, while the Windjammer Marketplace offers a buffet-style spread of international cuisines.

Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean International
Main dining room
1. Main dining room
In the Main Dining Room area, you can try flavors that bring you from Jamaica to Jaipur, a rotating menu of mouthwatering dishes always offering something incredible. A multi-level restaurant that in the morning is the excellent spot to enjoy a strong brunch paired with refreshing mimosas, at dinnertime, changes into a world-class dining adventure with a menu that invites you to taste your way around the globe course by course.
Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean International
Windjammer Café
2. Windjammer Café
The Windjammer is the perfect restaurant to enjoy global flavors served complimentary, like just-pressed paninis with all your favorite cheeses and meats. Flaky pastries are fresh directly from the oven, and specially made omelets come in normal, medium, and spicy tastes, whatever you like. The main dishes you would love to try are crisp buttermilk fried chicken, and Vietnamese braised Ho Chi Minh pork.
Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean International
Solarium Bistro
3. Solarium Bistro
Must try fresh ingredients and Mediterranean tastes at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Solarium Bistro delivers a bright and open gastronomic getaway at sea. Enjoy a self-service and try from stations piled high with Med-inspired dishes and savor every bite inside or al fresco beneath the sun — or the stars.
Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean International
Coastal Kitchen
4. Coastal Kitchen
Especially for suite guests, Coastal Kitchen combines Mediterranean influences with farm-fresh tastes from California. Filled with Pacific Coast choices and Med-inspired entrees, the menu here rotates to highlight mouthwatering, seasonal ingredients. And you can celebrate by pairing every bite with a wine glass or bottle of wine or alcohol off a list that contains vintages from the sun-kissed mountains of Napa to the golden-green hills of Tuscany.
Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean International
Park Café Utopia of the seas
5. Park Café
Are you in the mood for deli classics that knock it out of the park? Then reach Park Café, where you’ll see quick bites to please every palate. Yummy Crisp made-to-order salad, fresh-pressed paninis, and sandwiches. And don’t forget the legendary Royal Kümmelweck roast beef sandwich — it’s a top choice of guests (and a tradition of passage for cruising foodies).
Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean International
 Vitality Café
6. Vitality Café
Whether you’ve just completed a demanding training at the gym or just wanted a relaxing and rejuvenating treatment at the spa, Vitality Café presents a sweeping preference for delicious, healthful fare that hits the spot — including house made granola or fresh juices and smoothies made just for you.
Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean International
Café Promenade
7. Café Promenade
When it comes to fast and easy come-and-go eats, there’s no other place than Café Promenade. This casual, complimentary hotspot bustles the whole day (24 hours) so that you can drop by any time — whether it’s for a hot cup of coffee and a glazed cinnamon bun in the early morning or late-night food like fried artichoke, spicy marinated cheese, and delicious meatballs from behind the counter after performing on the dance floor.
Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean International
Sorrento's Pizza
8. Sorrento's Pizza
The most satisfying food is none other than a great slice of pizza, and the most important is that Royal Caribbean spent years perfecting the special pizza at Sorrento’s. Whether your taste is classics, like Margherita and cheese, or specialty pies, like the pineapple or meat-loaded Carnivore, bacon, and BBQ-infused Caribbean Dream, Sorrento’s Pizza serves perfectly in every slice.
Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean International
Boardwalk Dog House
9. Boardwalk Dog House
A place for those who love a great hot dog. For those who like the classic way, try brown buns with a drizzle of mustard ketchup. Also, an option of course-ground sprinkled with sauerkraut and a chicken sausage spiced with juicy apple. Whatever kind of hot dog you want to try, Dog House serves the best sausages at sea.
Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean International
El Loco Fresh®
10. El Loco Fresh®
Give your taste buds something to go fantastic over. El Loco Fresh® provides incredibly delicious Mexican food. With classic mole sauce and spicy salsa verde topping beef burritos, carnitas, and much more, it's a fiesta of flavor from the south border.
Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean International
Room service
11. Room service
Are you tired after an adventure and want to savor a meal in the comfort of your stateroom? Order tasty in-room dining any time. Fill your morning hungry tummy with breakfast in bed with a fresh-to-made omelet or a steaming stack of pancakes. Make a special dinner date after a long day of adventure onboard and activities. Room service is always ready to serve delicious food.

Specialty Restaurants

For the prime experience, specialty restaurants on Utopia of the Seas demand an extra fee but promise exclusive culinary journeys. Chops Grille caters to steak lovers in a refined setting while offering food in train car theme-based at Immersive Dining. These venues, with crafted menus and intimate locations, cater to specific tastes, providing an exceptional dining experience for those seeking something special on their cruise.

Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean International
150 Central Park
1. 150 Central Park
Each dish at 150 Central Park highlights locally sourced ingredients harvested during the peak season. The restaurant offers classic entrees and a range of desserts you should certainly save room for. And if you’re looking for a craft cocktail or a glass of wine, you’re guaranteed to get something tasty to toast with on the drink list.
Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean International
Chef's Table
2. Chef's Table
At Chef’s Table, you will get the most exclusive and elevated dining experience on the fleet. Join an intimate gathering of fellow foodies on a personal epicurean journey guided by the ship’s Chef de Cuisine. You’ll get premium service and dinner highlighting five lovely courses from scallop carpaccio with yuzu vinaigrette to grilled filet mignon offered with truffle potato puree — each excellently paired with the perfect wine to highlight every taste on the menu.
Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean International
Chops Grille℠
3. Chops Grille℠
At Chops Grille, start with tasty thin slices of beef with greens, cheese, and mustard dressing. For the main dish, the tender filet is super popular. You can get a tinier version if you prefer. Pair it with mashed potatoes and spinach or try their special cheesy tater tots and fancy French fries. Save space for yummy key lime pie or New York cheesecake with raspberries and lemon.
Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean International
Trellis Bar
4. Trellis Bar
With the amazing garden view, the Trellis Bar is an excellent place to sit and sip. Take wine glasses in the afternoon and enjoy soft music, and in the evening, come to enjoy surprise guest entertainers playing music under the stars with the best taste of wine.
Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean International
Giovanni's℠ Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar
5. Giovanni's℠ Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar
On the menu of Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen, you will find old-world classic options, including veal meatballs in sauce, the same as made in Sardinia, pappardelle served with rich radicchio cream and savory ossobuco steamed in a white wine broth over saffron risotto. Try hand-tossed pizzas, made to order and served directly from the oven to your table while the mozzarella is still bubbling. Also, you must try a slice of Mamma’s tiramisu or Nonna’s famous Nutella®and banana stromboli.
Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean International
Izumi in the Park℠
6. Izumi in the Park℠
An all-day open window for snap-worthy street foods, including sushi inspired by Japan. Try samples of sashimi, fresh nigiri, seaweed salad, and more packed in a portable box. For ice cream lovers, rainbow sprinkles are served in an airy bubble cone, and a Taiyaki vanilla ice cream with strawberry drizzle is the most photogenic ice cream onboard. Eat fresh snacks in the open-air area.
Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean International
Hooked Seafood℠
7. Hooked Seafood℠
If you want a real taste of New England-style seafood, Hooked Seafood is the perfect spot. Find your favorite coastal flavors, like crisp golden Maryland crab cakes, melt-in-your-mouth Maine Lobster rolls, just-shucked oysters, and other raw bar choices. Don’t miss the sweet goodies that beg to be savored to feel the flavor of summer.
Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean International
Immersive Dining
8. Immersive Dining
The new Oasis-class ship, the Utopia of the Seas, is designed to resemble a train dining car using some real train parts, steam, and a train platform. You will see the American West, France, the Baltics, or other destinations gliding past and matching food options according to location.
Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean International
9. Playmakers℠
With a menu of game-day choices and icy-cold draughts on tap, anything you order at Playmakers is lovely for your taste buds. You will have options in food like burgers, desserts, and warm-ups with paired beer or beverages.
Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean International
Johnny Rockets®
10. Johnny Rockets®
Johnny Rockets offers burgers, shakes, fries, and fun in a cool, old-fashioned atmosphere. Since 1986, this diner’s priority has been on all-American fare, including fresh, never-frozen certified crispy fries, Angus beef burgers, classic sandwiches, and indulgent hand-spun shakes and malts. Join the fun onboard and relax into just good times with delicious food to share.
Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean International
11. Starbucks
Enjoy all your Starbucks® favorites on board — from Macchiatos to Frappuccinos®, plus an ample menu of beverages and pastries whenever the mood hits you. Whatever you desire, you won’t have to go a single day without morning iced coffee or mid-afternoon flat white.
Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean International
 The Mason Jar℠
12. The Mason Jar℠
The Mason Jar℠ Southern Restaurant aboard the Utopia of the Seas℠ offers an unforgettable taste of the South. From fall-off-the-bone BBQ to brunch delights like Breakfast Biscuits and Supper classics like Gran's Fried Chicken, it's a flavorful journey complemented by libations like spiked peach tea and indulgent shakes.

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