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What facilities are on Celestyal Olympia?

Are you searching for the best luxury ship cruise experience? Find all the great amenities you can enjoy on the Celestyal Olympia Cruise ship.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Celestyal Olympia is equipped with plentiful amenities for you to relish in. Coming from a line of luxury premium cruises by Celestyal Cruises, immerse in an infinite plethora of best cuisines, rejuvenating spas, and spacious lounges.

In addition to the luxurious side of it, Celestyal Olympia also takes care of the essential services in medical emergencies, internet, and in-house Wi-Fi.

What facilities are available on Celestyal Olympia?

A detailed review of the features and amenities on board at Celestyal Olympia

Take a good insight into all the facilities you can immerse yourself in on a luxury cruise ship Celestyal Olympia.

Interactive entertainments

  • Learn something new: Celestyal Olympia engages you in a never-like-before fun-filled cruise ship experience. From new dancing classes to art and crafts, Celestyal Olympia brings forth all. You can also learn the Greek language, indulge in local cultures, and experience their cultures.
  • Specialty of Celestyal Olympia: Two of Celestyal Olympia’s most attractive and special onboard activity inclusions are – Cirque Fantastic and Casino. Celestyal Olympia brings back the comfort of home grounds at its deck spaces. You can also enjoy Bingo, Basketball, Zumba, and more, coupled with a live demonstration of the chef showing off his culinary skills.
  • Kids entertainment: Celestyal Beyond has also incorporated a children’s playground. So that you can have your precious time in rejuvenation at the ocean waters, while your kids enjoy fun-filled activities hosted for them.

Restaurants and bars

  • Specialty drinks: The star of the dining experience is the Diane Kochilas menu. You get an extensive array of Greek starters, a long line of buffets in exciting flavors of international cuisine, and rosy wines. Additionally, dinner starts with canapés and exciting cocktails that you can relish!
  • Main course: The main course meal is packed with all the wholesomeness of good food. Moreover, this finger-licking nutritional food is created using fresh and local ingredients. Though there are three different courses of meals available, if need be, then Celestyal Olympia dining also gives you the freedom to create yours.
  • Curated meals: If required you can also avail meals depending on your food habits. Now, no meal is completely fulfilling without a refreshing cooler at the end. World’s renowned Daiquiri, cool beer, alcoholic packages, and non-alcoholic beverages are made available.

Something extra is always special - Celebrate your special occasions

Apart from the above, there are more facilities available at Celestyal Olympia:

  • Flower arrangement: Fresh flowers and delicious plates of cakes are available in plenty to liven up whatever occasion you are celebrating. Now, whether it is a romantic getaway with your better half or a family cruise voyage, Celestyal Olympia intricately takes care of everything. Imagine local artisans’ handmade bouquets, the smell of freshly plucked flowers, and so much more.
  • Marriage/Marriage anniversary: Celestyal Olympia gives special treatment whether you have just got married, or you are celebrating your anniversary. Get a special VIP treatment as you wake up to meals at bed for two, specially delivered flower bouquets, and beautifully crafted couples messages. To top it all, the ship arranges a special meeting with the captain.
  • Happy birthday: Celestyal Olympia hosts a birthday celebration under the night sky, with a sparkling glass of wine and fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate. You may also opt for a private romantic candlelight dinner and a special VIP seat reserved at the ship’s evening entertainment show.

Spa and gym

For ensuring relaxation throughout the trip, the cruise also offers:

  • Spa and sauna: Celestyal Olympia offers everything from beauty services to therapeutic massages, hot stone treatments, and a relaxing sauna at the end of the day. Pamper yourself with manicures, pedicures, hot oil massages, stress relief treatments, and a lot more.
  • Gym: The gym contains all the modern weights and accessories to help release all that sweat. In addition to this, Celestyal Olympia also has made ample deck space available to enjoy outdoor sports.
  • Pool: What is more exciting and rejuvenating than sitting by the edge of a pool, with feet dipped in cold water, while enjoying the ocean breeze in your body? Enjoy the oceanic landscape and the fun ongoing deck activities on board. 

Final words

Celestyal Olympia has multiple cruises that you may choose from and some cruises are also themed. For example, there are Christmas cruises, religious cruises, cuisine cruises, and wedding cruises. Ample offers and deals are also available at different times of the year. Thus, Celestyal Olympia paves way for a luxurious and exciting ship voyage. Also, you get an array of the world’s best cuisines and a multitude of fun activities throughout the day.

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