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Northern Europe
Northern Europe

Top Places to Visit on a Northern Europe Cruise

Are you planning to take a Northern European cruise? Learn about the top five places to visit for the most memorable experience.

By Cruise Booking Team

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A cruise is probably the best way to explore the scenic places in Northern Europe. You probably can't control your excitement if you are about to set sail on this unforgettable journey. Knowing the top five sites to explore means a stress-free journey.

5 Beautiful Places to Visit on a Northern Europe Cruise

1. Brilliant Bergen, Norway

The Bergen docks are a UNESCO world heritage site. Every tourist should take some time to delve deeper into the rich tradition of Bryggen. One can't help but absorb the architectural brilliance. You won't regret visiting the Bryggen museum with artifacts from past years.

2. Spellbinding Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is called "the Venice of the North." The minute your cruise lands at the Stockholm port, you will witness this for yourself. The place is a perfect meeting point for the urban and the medieval. Stockholm's archipelago, with around 30,000 islets, islands, and rocks, offers enchanting views to every visitor.

3. Captivating Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen should top the list if you are looking for a tourist-friendly destination with stunning activities. With lakes and sea around, visitors claim Copenhagen to be as welcoming and thrilling. The Little Mermaid Sculpture grabs quite a few eyeballs, and inside the city, Stroget, a pedestrian mall, is worth a visit.

4. Lavish London, UK

Is a Northern Europe cruise ever truly complete without a visit to London? A place so rich with diversity, culture, and rich history deserves your undivided attention. You will enjoy the best dining, shopping, and entertainment in every corner of London.

Even when you arrive on a cruise, we recommend you take another cruise along the Thames. A view of the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, and the London Eye will be a treat to eyes. If your heart has been (Sher) locked by Arthur Conan Doyle's fictional detective, a visit to Baker Street is a must!

5. Wild Shetland Islands, UK

The dramatic landscapes in the Scottish archipelago seem straight out of a painting. The landscape of contradictions with an oceanic crust, extinct volcano, shingle beaches, shifting sands, and bars will leave you amazed. Your taste buds will be indebted to the seafood delicacies offered on the island. There is a lot of diversity in cuisines available.

Closing Thoughts

Don't skip these top five places if you want to have the time of your life on a Northern Europe cruise. Thank us later after having an once-in-a-lifetime cruise experience.

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