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Norwegian cruise fare
Norwegian cruise fare

What are the inclusions of Norwegian cruise fare?

Plan your Norwegian cruise with confidence. Find out what's covered in your fare and what you may need to pay extra.

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Are you planning an incredible journey onboard a Norwegian Cruise Line ship and wondering what your cruise cost includes? Norwegian Cruise Line provides a variety of activities, dining options, and entertainment to ensure your cruise experience is unforgettable.

Inclusions of Norwegian Cruise Line

Main dining room:

Norwegian Cruise Line offers an excellent primary dining room experience, with sit-down meals available for breakfast, lunch, and supper. Most ships include many major dining restaurants where you may enjoy a variety of culinary experiences, some of which may feature two or even three separate locations.

Water slides:

The exciting water slides on Norwegian cruise ships are legendary. These water slides provide a pleasant and refreshing experience that is ideal for cooling off on hot days. They are an excellent complementary activity for all ages, particularly families with children.

Pools & hot tubs:

The pools and hot tubs are included in the cruise fee on the Norwegian cruise. These amenities are ideal for relaxing and enjoying sea days, whether reclining in a hot tub or swimming in the pool. 

Entertainment & Activities:

Norwegian Cruise Line provides a wide range of entertainment and activities, many of which are included in the cruise price. Broadway-style musicals and live entertainment by singers, musicians, magicians, and comedians are available. There are also poolside activities, quiz games, and exciting game shows, guaranteeing that there is always a bright time on board.


The buffet is a cruise mainstay, and Norwegian buffets are well-known for their quality and diversity. Guests can enjoy buffet dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and various meal and dessert alternatives. The best part is that you may eat as much as you want, and it's all included in the price of your trip.

24/7 restaurants:

Norwegian Cruise Line offers two 24-hour dining options: The Local and O'Sheehan's. These eateries feature pub-style food and are open at all hours. These establishments have you covered if you want a late-night snack or dinner anytime.

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Non-inclusions of Norwegian Cruise Line

Shore excursions:

Shore excursions are not included in the price of your trip. You can browse and schedule various excursions on board, but it's generally more accessible and cost-effective to book them in advance online.

Gratuities/service fees:

A daily service fee or gratuity is an additional expense on a Norwegian cruise. The amount varies according to your cabin category and covers various shipboard service workers. A 20% tip is added to drinks, specialty restaurants, spa services, and dining packages.

Specialty restaurants:

Besides the primary dining selections, Norwegian Cruise Line offers a variety of specialty restaurants for a more upscale culinary experience. These restaurants charge a fee for their great meals and impeccable service.

Vibe Beach Club:

The Vibe Beach Club is an exclusive adult-only space on Norwegian cruise ships. It provides more privacy and leisure, and admission to this club is charged.

Galaxy Pavilion:

The Galaxy Pavilion is Norway's virtual reality area, with various immersive games available. These games cost approximately $8 per game, and you may also buy unlimited hour, daily, or weekly passes.

Laser tag:

For an additional $10 per participant, Laser Tag is a family-friendly activity. It's a fun game for people of all ages to play.


A unique feature on select Norwegian cruise ships, the Speedway offers go-kart circuits for an exhilarating experience. Riding on the Speedway costs money, often approximately $15 for a 10-minute ride or an unlimited package.

Alcoholic beverages:

Your cruise cost does not include alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, and cocktails. You can purchase a beverage package or pay for drinks individually.


Internet connection is not included, and if you want to keep connected while at sea, you must purchase a Wi-Fi plan. Because essential Wi-Fi services can be slow, consider upgrading for improved connectivity.

Photo packages:

Cruise photographers are available on formal nights, in port, and on the embarkation day. If you want to collect memorable images, you may pay a charge to buy a single shot or a photo package.

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As part of their cruise fee, Norwegian Cruise Line provides an intriguing assortment of amenities and services, giving guests a thorough and delightful experience. While internet access is not accessible, travelers can purchase Wi-Fi plans to stay connected at sea. Cruise photographers can capture unique pictures through single photos or simple photo packages for those looking for memorable moments. These extra services supplement the overall cruise experience, which often includes various eating options, entertainment, and access to various onboard activities and facilities. Norwegian Cruise Line strives to accommodate different interests and tastes, allowing customers to make the most of their cruise trips.

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