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Which Decks to Avoid on Anthem of the Seas?

Find out which decks to avoid for a serene cruise experience on the Anthem of the Seas. Use our tips to plan your trip wisely.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Sailing at the Anthem of the Seas is a very exciting and one-of-a-kind experience. Guests have the privilege of exploring the wide horizons of the sea while enjoying sultry facilities and entertainment. However, like any big ship, some sections might not provide the best experience because of noise, crowded situations, or other discrepancies.

Experienced cruisers usually advise against visiting certain decks that are a hub to these problems for people looking to amplify their onboard experience. Cruisers can improve their trip experience and concentrate on the abundance of onboard services and activities by avoiding these given locations.

Decks You Should Avoid on Anthem of the Seas

Here is a list of decks that you should avoid onboard Anthem of the Seas.

1. Deck 3

It has been duly noticed that Deck 3 of the Anthem of the Seas is the closest to crowded, noisy areas. This given deck is home to the Royal Theater, a focal point for nightly entertainment that includes comedic shows, live music events, and Broadway-style musicals. While these performances are undoubtedly the talk of the town, the noise they make could seep into nearby cottages and wake you up in the middle of the night.

2. Deck 14

Passengers are drawn to Deck 14, commonly known as the pool deck, because of its extensive outdoor spaces, swimming pools, and hot tubs. During the day, it is in real-time action. However, there is a drawback to this popularity: Deck 14 may get crowded, particularly on busy sailing days. Since deck chairs are usually taken early in the morning and become harder to come by later, getting the finest spot to relax by the pool could be compared to a competitive sport.

Furthermore, Deck 14 offers a variety of eating outlets, cafes, and bars that lure more cruisers throughout the day. The ensuing congestion could make it harder to relax, whether you're sitting in the sun or swimming in a chilly pool.

3. Deck 5

Deck 5 is a hub to the busy Royal Esplanade, which shops, bars, and restaurants border. It's a lively place, although, in the evening, it might get crowded, which could ruin your walk or spontaneous photo opportunity.

Deck 5 is also home to the Music Hall, a well-liked venue for live music performances and evening entertainment. While some might enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, some may find the noise levels uncomfortable, especially if their cabin is close to this event and they would rather have a more relaxing evening.

4. Deck 12

Deck 12 offers a range of recreational opportunities, including the basketball court, rock climbing wall, and FlowRider surf simulator. These features can be amazing experiences for active cruisers, but those seeking tranquility may find the noise and chaos they bring along less than ideal.

Furthermore, SeaPlex, a multipurpose indoor sports and entertainment complex, is situated on Deck 12. The SeaPlex offers constant excitement all day long with attractions like bumper cars, roller skating, and circus school. However, the noise from this huge area may prevent you from relaxing because it can permeate into neighboring cabins.

5. Deck 15

The upper deck of Deck 15 offers amazing panoramic views and outdoor recreation areas. However, this elevated position can also expose people to powerful gusts and bad weather, particularly on stormy days or when sailing across open oceans.

Deck 15 also houses the North Star observation capsule, a unique feature that offers visitors an aerial view of the surrounding seascape. Though it's an incredible experience, there may be times when long lines and capacity constraints make it less enjoyable overall, especially during peak hours.

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Some decks on the Anthem of the Seas may not offer tranquility and relaxation despite all the amenities and entertainment options available. If you stay away from the decks mentioned above, which are more likely to have loud noises, throngs of people, and inclement weather, then you may maximize your time on this incredible ship and create fantastic memories. Whether you prefer colorful entertainment and activities or peace, understanding the small distinctions between each deck can help you make an informed decision when picking your accommodations and planning your agenda while aboard. With thoughtful preparation and shrewd sailing, your voyage on the Anthem of the Seas is sure to be an incredible high-ocean adventure.

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