Viking Expeditions

About Viking Expeditions

Viking Expeditions is a part of Viking Cruises that will be launched in the year 2022. It will begin sailing in January 2022 with its first vessels. The voyages will embark on North America’s Great Lakes and Antarctica. It can take around 378 guests onboard. With Viking, you will experience the real comfort and elegance of their award-winning fleets. They will take you to remote destinations and allows yourself in these regions. It has features like a pool, library, café, medical center, the laboratory, explorer desk, spa and fitness center, lounge and bar, and explorer garden.

The ship has a different type of staterooms like Explorer Suite, Owner Suite, Nordic Penthouse, Nordic Balcony, Deluxe Nordic Balcony, and Nordic Junior Suite. Each suite has in-suite binoculars and Marius-weave blankets. While you talk about food, they have the best onboard Italian restaurant, bar, dessert room, and café.

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