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Acapulco, Mexico Cruises

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On Mexico's Pacific coast, the port city of Acapulco de Juarez is also known as Acapulco. It is situated on a bay surrounded by high-rise buildings and mountains named Sierra Madre del Sur. Many tourists flock to this beach resort town called the Riviera of Mexico. Besides its climate, it has several elegant hotels, beautiful beaches, and deep-sea fishing. Despite not having great surfing, Acapulco is a great place to sunbathe, lounge, play beach games, sail, swim, and fish. 

Best Things to do in Acapulco

Acapulco has three major tourist areas: the Diamond area, where golf courses are being developed; the Old Town has historic charm and the Gold area, where franchises and densely built hotels abound. Moreover, there are several other places to discover in Acapulco listed below.

1. La Roqueta Island

There is an island part of the La Roqueta nature reserve located in Acapulco bay, south of Las Playas, which is pretty trendy. With its seemingly endless golden beaches, beautiful turquoise waters, and picturesque terrain, it is almost hard to notice that visitors are staying in a huge bustling city just a few miles away. The island is a true paradise! There are several things to do on the island, primarily water-based. Of the things to do, snorkeling is the favorite of many travelers! Elephant Stone and Peppermint Stone are two coral reefs filled with exotic, vibrant underwater life. You should visit in the morning to avoid the crowds of tourists in the afternoon. Regular passenger ferries and taxi boats run from Playa Caleta to Playa del Carmen.

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2. La Quebrada Cliff Divers

The La Quebrada Cliff diving is a must-see in the city! Several centuries have passed since it was built. Attracting both visitors and locals alike, it continues to attract a lot of attention today. After jumping from a 40ft cliff, those professional divers will twist, turn, and acrobatically tumble in midair. If you are in the water, you will recognize how high it is, the cliffs and the shallow waters at the bottom when you see how high it is, and how nervous you might feel for someone else. Every time they jump, they risk their lives. It's game over if you make a mistake or miscalculate the timing! They have to catch the tide coming in every few seconds. There is usually a small fee or donation when you watch from a nearby platform.

3. Explore the Zócalo Area

The Zócalo area is Acapulco’s central plaza and is located by the famous Our Lady of Solitude Cathedral. You can catch a glimpse of local life in this area, and it is worth visiting. We know you’re on vacation, but this is an experience you must have. Right here in Zócalo, visitors will find Mexican Nationals going about their everyday lives. Why not see their way of life while you're in their town? It's a town square with traditional Mexican features, from a gazebo and fountain to local businesses selling ice creams, balloons, and other tasty treats. Usually, there are quite a few people here on weekends, particularly on Sundays, when Acapulco's municipal band plays a free concert.

4. Local Restaurants

There are many colorful dishes to choose from in Mexico. You won't regret eating here! The statement is not only for Acapulco but for the entire country. Some regions have specialties that are different from others. In Puebla, for instance, moles are highly regarded. Acapulco is renowned for its fresh fish and produce, while Pozole is more prevalent in Guadalajara. Seafood restaurants are excellent places to eat here, where you are almost sure to get the freshest food. You should not neglect Chile en Nogada, tacos, or tamales while in town. Mexican cuisine isn't just for tacos and enchiladas.

5. Relax on the Beaches

If you're on a cruise to Acapulco, spend some time on the beaches. Its clear waters and beautiful sands make it a memorable experience. The seaport of this city in Mexico has been the destination of affluent jet setters for decades. Elite travelers from around the globe, including European A-listers and Hollywood celebs, flock to Acapulco to enjoy luxury accommodations, fine dining, and, of course, golden beaches. A visit to Pie de la Cuesta, a beach with thousands of golden sand, is a must for those who know their way around. Coyoca Lagoon meets this beach where several hotels and restaurants line the beach's entrance. Acapulco's Playas Caleta and Caletilla are popular with tourists seeking more traditional beaches. Both beaches are always buzzing with energy, from swimming to beach massages to dining and live music. The Golden Zone Central can also be found at Playa Condesa. This beach is lined with restaurants and backed by hotels. Also worth exploring are Playa Majahua, Playa Puerto Marques, playing at Playa Hornos, playing at Playa Las Hamacas, and playing at Playa Tamarindos.

Best Time to Visit in Acapulco

There are four best times to visit Acapulco: April, May, October, and November. This year has a consistent combination of sun, heat, and humidity. Deals abound. November through May are the dry months in Thailand, while June through September is the rainy months.

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