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Canada New England Cruise
Canada New England Cruise

Plan Your Canada New England Cruise

If you love to cruise and are looking for a new experience then we’ll show you why a cruise to Canada New England is a great option.

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Known for its stunning natural scenery, interesting history, and delicious cuisine, Canada New England Cruises are probably the best-kept secret of the cruise industry. Once known only for its fall cruises, the north-eastern coast is fast becoming popular even in the summer months, with more ships added to meet the increasing demand. A Canada New England Cruise experience offers an ideal combination of Europe’s cosmopolitan culture and Alaska’s rugged beauty. If you are thinking of planning your vacation by sea to this region, then here is the best guide for planning a Canada New England Cruise.

Tips for Planning Canada New England Cruise

Here are a few things you should consider before you book your Canada New England Cruise.

1. The Best Time to go on the Cruise

Although the Canada New England region is very famous for its September/October fall cruises, warmer months are no less attractive. The Canada New England Cruise season begins in April and lasts all summer long. You can enjoy a cool dip on the beaches of New England or enjoy the onboard pool.

The “new shell season” when the lobster expands in size is from July to November and is known for its local delicacies. You can spot the magnificent whale in the Bay of Fundy from July to September or even earlier if you travel further to Labrador or Newfoundland.

2. The Best Itinerary for the Cruise

Canada New England Cruises are offered as a one-way or round-trip option ranging from 5-night trips to 30-night jaunts. While a round-trip offers the convenience of beginning and ending in the same place, a one-way trip allows for more port calls.

Round-trip cruises leave from New Jersey, New York, Boston, or Baltimore, and one-way itineraries run typically from Boston or New York to Montreal or Quebec City.

3. Cruise Lines That Offer Canada New England Cruises

Royal Caribbean runs 4 ships in the Canada New England region with a range of itineraries, including round trips to Boston, Baltimore, or New Jersey.

The Princess, Norwegian, and Carnival also offer round-trip cruises from New York.

Holland America specializes in cruises from Boston to Canada and itineraries beginning and ending in Quebec City.

Regent, Oceania, Silversea, and Viking Ocean cruises offer longer Canada New England itineraries and stop at off-beat ports.

Things to Know before booking a Canada New England Cruise

Kid-friendly – There are plenty of fun activities for children on the Canada New England Cruises, such as kayaking and biking. There are also tons of child-friendly attractions within a stone’s throw in Boston, Saint John, and Halifax ports.

Ideal for Wine Lovers – New England and Canada is a wine-producing region with vineyards in Maine, Quebec, Massachusetts, and Nova Scotia. You can visit the local wineries and indulge in wine tasting.

Layers Maybe Needed – You will need to pack layers of clothing, including jackets for this cruise as days can begin and end in cool temperatures. Shore excursions especially can be chilly.

Understand the Currency – Although most sellers in Canada will accept US dollars, it is advisable to have some Canadian dollars in hand especially if your cruise includes many Canadian ports.

Port Highlights – Although the cruise covers several exotic destinations, the highlight ports you cannot miss are:

Best Shore Excursions – You must not miss the shore excursions below in your Canada New England Cruise:


Whether you choose a fall cruise, a one-way cruise, or a round-trip cruise on any of the Canada New England itineraries, there will not be a single dull moment in your journey through the Atlantic Ocean. We hope you're searching for the best canada cruises to sail with your family and that this guide to planning a Canada New England cruise will help you get started on your next adventure!

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