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Utopia of the Seas Vs. Icon of the Seas: What's the Difference?

Utopia Vs. Icon: Size, activities, dining & more! Make your choice for the ultimate cruise experience with Royal Caribbean!

By Cruise Booking Team

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Operating under the Royal Caribbean Group, Utopia of the Seas and Icon of the Seas are two of the group’s newly announced cruise ships. Both Utopia and Icon feature only the best quality activities, events, itineraries, food, and more. 

The Royal Caribbean is one of the oldest cruise lines in the industry, and over the past few years, it has built a reliable image for itself. Known as being the trendsetters of the cruising industry, Royal is known to feature only the largest cruise ships in the world. Their overall theme is known to provide grand experiences to its passengers and ensure that there is always something to do for everyone, no matter the type of traveler, i.e., solo traveling, a family of six, couples, or even large groups of friends.

If you’re contemplating whether to choose Utopia of the Seas or Icon of the Seas, don't worry; we’re here to help. Both ships offer their passengers a luxurious and grand cruising experience. Still, being from the same parent company and being Royal's latest releases, it can be hard to distinguish what sets them apart. In this article, we will compare Utopia Vs. Icon to help you understand and make the decision to choose between the two a little easier.

Difference between Utopia of the Seas Vs. Icon of the Seas

Utopia and Icon are two grand and majestic ships operating under The Royal Caribbean Group. These ships are bound to be the first choice for travelers if experiencing only the utmost luxury, with a lot of fun activities involved, is your vibe. Though these ships are from the same parent company and are both the latest additions to the company, they are bound to have some similar attributes. Even after that, there's still a lot left to consider while looking between the two. If you’re facing questions like ‘Which one fits my budget?’ or ‘Which one provides the facilities I need, etc?’ Don’t worry. Compiled below, you’ll find detailed information on certain factors that can be used to draw a difference between the two cruise ships:

An image of a comparison between Utopia of the Seas Vs. Icon of the Seas
Photo Courtesy: Royal Caribbean International

1. Ship Size:

The latest version ships, Icon of the Seas and Utopia of the Seas, which are considerably the largest cruise ships in the industry. Utopia measures about 1,188 feet in length and 211 feet in width, with a gross tonnage of 236,860 tons. Icon of the Seas is considered to be the largest ship, measuring 1,198 feet in length and 216 feet in width, featuring a gross tonnage of 250,800 tons. Both ships are impressive and are considered to be ‘mega’ ships.

2. Ship Class:

Many cruise lines, including Royal Caribbean, follow a ‘class’ system to segregate their fleets. This is done based on many factors such as size, passenger capacity, theme, amenities offered, destinations, etc. Royal Caribbean features a total of 7 different classes, of which Icon of the Seas is the only operating ship under the ‘Icon’ class. Utopia of the Seas comes under Royal’s ‘Oasis’ class of fleets.

Icon class is all about providing a grand and extravagant cruising experience to its passengers. This class features the largest ship made, and its future additions will only match that statement. Icon class features more of everything, from dining to events and activities. Everything is meant to be grand.

The Oasis class also features large ships with a large passenger capacity and activity options. It also offers specialized residential areas. The passengers are spread out in various areas of the ships of this fleet.

3. Passenger Capacity:

Due to their mega size, Utopia and Icon both feature a lot of space for passengers. Both ships have various types of cabins made available for booking by travelers. The passenger capacity for the Icon of the Seas falls to around 5,610 passengers at double occupancy, and this number can almost reach 7,600 if every single available berth on the ship gets occupied. Utopia does not fall behind by much in this matter, for it features enough space for 5,668 passengers at double occupancy. If every berth gets occupied at full capacity, a total of 6,988 passengers can travel at once aboard this ship!

Icon of the Seas also has a total of 2,350 cabin crew members available on board, while Utopia of the Seas has about 2,290 crew members available on board.

4. Cabins Onboard:

Both Utopia and Icon are remarkable in terms of size, but that isn't all. The cabins aboard these ships are another impressive feat. Utopia features 176 available suites, 1,918 balcony rooms, 168 ocean-view rooms, 572 interior rooms for guests, and approximately 16 decks for passengers to use freely. Icon, in comparison to Utopia, has 179 suites, 1,815 rooms with a balcony, 276 rooms providing a view of the ocean, and lastly 525 interior rooms. You’ll also find approximately 18 passenger decks aboard the Icon of the Seas.

5. Dining Options Onboard:

The dining varieties are a big part of making a cruising experience worthwhile. Both Utopia and Icon feature an extensive array of dining options that are available to all passengers. From Asian cuisine to Italian or even some good old American, you’ll find a little bit of everything on these two ships.

The Icon of the Seas features about 29 dining options, of which approximately 14 are complementary and/or included with your base cruise fare. The remaining 15 options are easily available at an extra cost. Utopia has a similar range, featuring only one more extra dining option compared to Icon. 15 of the dining options available on Utopia are complementary, while the other 15 are available at extra costs.

Some notable mentions from Icon include Celebration Table, Empire Supper Club, Izumi Hibachi & Sushi, and many more. Utopia also features dining options like Johnny Rockets, Solarium Bistro, The Mason Jar, and many other delicious offerings.

6. Activities and Events:

Both ships feature enough activities to ensure that you spend the whole day, as well as night, having the time of your life. Ropes courses are an icon specialty and a huge point of attraction for the passenger. Some other activities at Icon include basketball courts, arcade spots, casinos, fitness centers, ice skating, mini golf, and so much more. You’ll even have the chance to watch live theatre performances in the Aqua Theater. Utopia also features almost the same types of events and activities, like spa facilities, zip lines, water slides, and even laser tag!

7. Pool and Hot Tub Facilities:

Relaxing by the poolside while you bask in the heat with a chilled drink in your hand seems like the perfect way to relax while on a cruise. That, or if you need to calm your sore muscles after a long day of fun-filled activities, hot tubs seem to be the only answer and can make your cruise trips so much better.

Both Utopia and Icon feature pool and hot tub facilities for passengers. Utopia features 5 pools and 7 hot tubs, 3 of which are for general access, 1 is for adults only, and the last one is only available exclusively, meaning you’ll be able to use it at an extra cost. Two hot tubs are for general access, 2 are for exclusive access, and the remaining 3 are only for adults.

Icon has 7 pools, 5 of which are general access, 1 for adults only, and the last one is available on an exclusive basis. It also features 9 hot tubs, 7 of which are general access, one for adults only, and the last one is available on an exclusive basis only.

8. Overall Cost:

The overall pricing can differ from passenger to passenger, depending on their packages, itineraries, as well as any additional cost incurred by them during their trip, but on average, a traveler can spend anywhere around $100 - $350 per day, per passenger. As for the additional costs, passengers can easily spend around 25% - 40% of their base cruise fare. Gratuities on Royal Caribbean ships vary from region to region, and the age of the passengers also plays an important role in deciding this. Still, on average, $18 is the cost per day per passenger.

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Overall, what we can assure you is that no matter your choice, may it be the Icon of the Seas or the Utopia of the Seas, you are bound to have an amazing cruising experience. Both ships have similar offerings, with the main difference being in the size and passenger capacity of the two ships. Next time, book your trip on to ensure a seamless booking experience!

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