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Seabourn Cruises offer luxury cruises aboard intimate, elegant ships. On its small ships, Seabourn cruises offer guests the chance to sail to some of the world's most famous cities as well as to uncommon ports, such as the Mediterranean, Caribbean, South Pacific, Far East, and Central or South America. Whether it's fine dining, relaxing activities on board, dazzling nightly entertainment, or tailor-made shore excursions, Seabourn offers the perfect holiday package.

Trending Seabourn Cruise Destinations

Seabourn's fleet of luxury ships has served over 350 ports in over 100 countries. A Seabourn vacation takes passengers worldwide, visiting well-known destinations such as Sydney in Australia or Barcelona in Spain and less-traveled places such as Porto Malai in Malaysia or Vitoria in Brazil. The Seabourn cruise ships offer relaxed Caribbean cruises and adventurous voyages to the Amazon and Antarctica. The vacation of a lifetime awaits you on one of Seabourn's sailings.

Guests sailing on Seabourn Cruises experience luxury and style around the globe. Every destination has something to offer, from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean. Check out Seabourn's other trending destinations.

1. Northwest Passage

It has been a goal of European explorers since the 1400s to find a northern sea route between Western Europe and Asia. The Cape of Good Hope in Africa or Cape Horn in South America would not be necessary. Several explorers sought a corridor between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans by traversing Greenland and the Canadian Arctic Archipelago; others sailed east across present-day Norway and Arctic Russia. It was treacherous weather conditions and thick sea ice that turned these early seafarers back time and again; many of them died. Despite the region's transformation, shipping and expedition travel is possible year-round due to the region's ice-free conditions.

2. Transatlantic

You can enjoy delightful diversions on your ship at sea round the clock. Every day offers fun options, like yoga on the deck in the morning, cooking demonstrations in the evening, golf putting, shuffleboard and other deck games in the afternoon, team quizzes, and bridge tournaments in the evening. Get a boost from their gym trainers, or take some time out for yourself at the spa. A crossing is made more enjoyable by simply enjoying the company of your shipmates. Spending time exploring linkages, sharing stories, and laughing over leisurely meals or drinks may prove most memorable.

3. World and Grand Voyages

Taking a Seabourn cruise will make your next vacation one of the best experiences of your life. Get to know people of different cultures, explore cities and towns you have only read about, and tell your family and friends about your exciting adventures. As you explore New Zealand with its warm waters, Quebec City with its rich history, Cape Town with its fascinating gems, Sydney with its skyline, and so much more, you could find yourself diving into the warm waters of Papeete. Choose a luxurious world cruise with Seabourn Cruise Line for a trip that will change your life.

4. The Kuril Islands and the Far East

Over 150 volcanoes are found on the Kamchatka Peninsula, which juts out from eastern Siberia and hosts the world's highest density of brown bears. Aside from glacier-covered peaks, it also boasts fjords, sweeping tundras, and uninhabited archipelagoes. Fewer humans have stepped foot on this frozen frontier than on a Seabourn expedition voyage. Explore rare Steller's sea eagles in Zhupanova River Zodiac cruises and puffin colonies on Ostrov Utashud, a rocky island with Brunnich's guillemot and other seabird colonies. The ship's kayak team offers an optional paddle past breathtaking sea stacks, arches, and caves surrounded by nutrient-rich waters. Observe seals, sea otters, and whales as they thrive in these nutrient-rich waters. Visit Tyuleniy Island, filled with hundreds of Northern fur seals and Steller sea lions that call to you from its mossy tundra. Gil'mimyl Hot Springs can be visited, and a warm dip can be taken if conditions permit. Yankicha Island boasts a volcanic caldera, excellent whale-watching opportunities, and World War II artifacts.

5. U.S. Atlantic Coast

With Seabourn Cruise Line, you have unlimited options when cruising the U.S. Atlantic Coast. The Freedom Trail begins in Boston before heading to St. Johns, Newfoundland! There are a lot of ports along the way, as well, and they are all unique and interesting! The coast is long, of course, and the ports on their way are no different! Explore the Crystal Caves in Bermuda, catch record-sized marlins in North Carolina, or relax in Miami.

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Seabourn introduced small-ship, ultra-luxury cruising as a luxurious yet relaxed experience - elegant but casual - sumptuous but understated. Cruise ships from this line visit landmark cities and hidden gems that can't be seen by larger ships. Get in touch with one of our cruise consultants for more information about the unique wonders that Seabourn Cruise Line offers.

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