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Explore Seabourn Cruises Departure Ports

The refinement and grace of Seabourn sets the bar for luxury cruising. With six yacht-like ships, Seabourn's six ships carry their privileged guests across the globe on unique itineraries and ports. It is Seabourn's hallmark to provide exceptional service. Professionally trained staff anticipates each guest's needs, knowing their names as well as their preferences. Since 1997, Seabourn has earned 17 consecutive "Gold List" spots on Condé Nast.

Join them on a sailing expedition and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Seabourn Cruise Line Departure Ports

Several ports guests can visit on Seabourn's itineraries that larger ships cannot reach. Over 340 itineraries are offered by Seabourn, ranging from seven to 109 days in length. In addition to cruising the Caribbean, Europe, Canada, and New England, South and Central America, the Middle East, Africa, and India, the six Seabourn ships make port calls in the Caribbean, Europe, Canada, and New England as well as the Middle East, Africa and India.

Here are some famous Seabourn Cruise Line Departure Ports.

  • Auckland: Auckland's mild climate makes it an ideal destination for outdoor cruises. Auckland offers many beaches, hiking trails and city streets to explore.
  • Montreal: It is an all-encompassing cruise destination that combines Old World style and New World cosmopolitan inspirations.
  • Philipsburg: The Caribbean's leading destination, St. Maarten, offers French and Dutch experiences. There is always something going on on this friendly island to keep you entertained.
  • Reykjavik: It was only a small village until the Second World War, but this popular cruise destination still offers the feel of a small town.
  • Venice: Venice is a city of tranquility and romance, but don't miss the museums and neighborhoods found off the grand canal as well.

Top 5 Seabourn Departure Ports

A Seabourn cruise will take you around the world. Singapore, Mumbai, Barcelona, and Copenhagen are some of the famous cities from which this luxury line sails. The cruise line also serves exotic destinations like the Amazon and the Caribbean. Contact a cruise expert at today to book your next Seabourn cruise.

1. Seabourn Cruises from Juneau

The rugged mountain terrain that surrounds Juneau, Alaska's capital, makes it only accessible by air and sea. There have been world-class travel destinations in this area since the early 1900s. There is plenty to do for outdoor adventurers in the city. There are a number of local whale-watching boats you can board, or you can see the vast glaciers and mountains of the Juneau Icefield from a helicopter. You can explore the Perseverance Trail on foot, or you can explore Mendenhall Glacier on foot, or you can take a tour along the Mendenhall Glacier.

Best Time to Visit: Between May to September

2. Seabourn Cruises from Dubai

Due to the UAE's strategic location at the crossroads of Asia and the Far East, the traditional trading routes from Asia and the Far East to Europe are even more important than they used to be hundreds of years ago. With its unique embrace of the Western world, the country is at the very center of the Islamic world. A Western lifestyle is set in contrast to the nomadic Bedouin people and their opulence and splendor.

Best Time to Visit: May, October and September

3. Seabourn Cruises from Buenos Aires

One of the most livable cities in South America, Buenos Aires, is called the "Paris of South America." Even with just under 3,000,000 inhabitants, the bustling capital city was named one of the best cities on the continent in 2018 for its 'quality of life. Through its architecture, Buenos Aires displays a cultural past that can be compared to cities such as Moscow and Miami. Life is full of vibrancy everywhere.

Public markets crowded with people dancing the tango, graffiti-style street art painted on ultra-modern buildings, and a bustling port is all part of the city's attractions. The live theatre industry in Buenos Aires is the busiest on Earth, surpassing that in New York, London, and Paris. Over 300 plays and productions are performed every weekend in over 300 theatres. Juan de Garay founded Buenos Aires in 1580 and has changed hands many times over the years.

Best Time to Visit: Between September to November

4. Seabourn Cruises from Sydney

A world-renowned wine region and golden sand beaches surround sydney, a cosmopolitan, multicultural city. The magnificent harbor of Sydney contributes much to the beauty of the city. With its dramatic white sails and the looming Harbor Bridge dominating the skyline, arriving by ship provides an unequaled impression of the city's famous landmarks.

Best Time to Visit: Between December to February

5. Seabourn Cruises from Vancouver

The City of Vancouver began its humble beginnings with the settlement of Gastown on Burrard Inlet, built on old-growth forests and sawdust from the old Hastings Mill. A city in such an idyllic setting as this is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and snow-capped coastal mountains. It combines the best of both worlds in terms of urban sophistication and outdoor adventure. Vancouver is Canada's third-largest metropolitan center, consistently ranked as one of the world's most livable cities. Whether exploring its diverse downtown core, strolling through Stanley Park's giant trees, or taking in the waterfront trails along the seawall, you are bound to fall in love with it.

Best Time to Visit: Between April to September

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