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Cruise Lines to Canada New England

Canada New England Cruise Lines

You can expect impressive history and excellent seafood when sailing the Canada and New England regions. A magical experience awaits you, with cobblestone streets, national parks, lighthouses, and magnificent fjords. During Independence Day in Boston, you will likely see fireworks during a Canada and New England cruise in July. Quebec City and Newfoundland may also be included in the list, as well as Halifax and Sydney in Nova Scotia, Boston, Bar Harbor, and Portland in Maine, and Montreal and Prince Edward Island. Several cruise companies offer Canada and New England cruises, such as Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, Holland America, Princess, Crystal, and Carnival.

What cruise lines go to new england and canada

Many cruise lines offer Canada/New England sailings throughout the fall, including the Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line, and Royal Caribbean. Luxury cruise options are also available from Seabourn and Silversea.

List of Best Cruise Lines for Canada/New England

A Canada and New England cruise is a beautiful vacation. The first American patriots walked the paths of Canada and New England, where the United States was born. Guests on these cruises can walk in their footsteps. Enjoy the beautiful mansions and lively downtown of Newport, Rhode Island. Experience Boston's history at Faneuil Hall, Boston Commons, Plymouth Rock, and Old North Church. The beautiful eastern seaboard of Canada and New England will take you to cities like Portland, Maine, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Quebec, and Montreal on a cruise. Enjoy a fall foliage cruise and watch Mother Nature's spectacular display of color as you cruise New England.

1. Princess Cruise Line

On a cruise from Princess, you will see the colorful shores of Canada & New England, surrounded by history and natural beauty. Experiencing the Gilded Age in Newport and strolling Boston's historic Freedom Trail will transport you back to the Gilded Age in Halifax and Newport. Lonely Planet rates Cadillac Mountain as the "best national park experience" in Acadia National Park. The allure of the northern seaboard will embrace you as you dine on crab cakes and lobster on a New England cruise.

2. Celebrity Cruise Line

On a vacation that combines city charm with natural beauty, you can explore the Northeast, Iceland, and Greenland. Discover incredible views and wildlife in national parks. Discover American monuments and historical landmarks. Seafood such as lobster, steamed claws, and oysters are delicious. Enjoy the city's European charm, and ease with our overnight stays on a Canada cruise. You'll find delicious and authentic food on a Canada and New England cruise. In August, visit Qaqortoq, the largest town in southern Greenland, to explore Iceland and Greenland. Discover Iceland's stunning shores by sailing along Prins Christian Sund, a 100km passage characterized by cliffs and lush green pastures.

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3. Holland America Cruise Line

The New England and Canada cruises glide past spectacular scenery (hello fall foliage) and historic ports and cities, some well-known, some not. Take advantage of convenient departures from Boston to culturally rich Montréal and Québec City for quick weekend getaways. Explore Greenland's pristine landscape dotted with primary-colored cottages on a more extended cruise. These fantastic new cruises also allow you to circumnavigate Iceland. Cruises to New England and Canada are always unique. Visit fascinating sites from history books and walk the grounds of significant battles to learn about the early days of the "New World." Enjoy fresh seafood and fiddle music on our popular Nova Scotia cruises from Boston. Alternatively, stroll along Prince Edward Island's rolling hills, sandy beaches, and Victorian homes. A vacation in New England and Canada includes a lifetime of memories, from lighthouses in the golden summer sun to the most vivid fall foliage you can imagine.  

4. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

Its streets are lined with the quintessential New England charm. New England's six states have unique histories, but small towns and bustling cities share a common history. Discover colonial homes and antique lampposts along cobblestone streets in New England. Explore the stunning granite cliffs and rocky beaches of Acadia National Park in Maine. Visit Portland, a haven for artists, foodies, and water lovers, further south. Learn about the American Revolution as you walk along Boston's Freedom Trail.

Experience lobster rolls, oysters, and clam chowder along New England's coast. From donuts to cannolis to great French fries, the area offers a variety of fried options when you've had your fill of raw delicacies. From Bar Harbor in Maine to Portland in Maine to Boston in Massachusetts and Baltimore in Maryland, New England cruises offer so many ports to explore. There are always new adventures along the Atlantic coast because each port provides something different.

5. Carnival Cruise Line

There is no better way to see Canada and New England than on a cruise. The perfect way to explore this naturally gorgeous, history-packed region is by the sea - but Canada and New England may not spring to mind when it comes to cruise destinations. On cruises to Canada and New England, you can explore ports like Halifax, Boston, and Saint John, once the main ways people traveled - but less fun than today. Their charm dates back to the 17th century, and they've acquired a few new tricks. Cruise to Canada and New England to discover what makes this region unique.

6. Cunard Cruise Line

On a voyage that unveils New England and Canada, explore cities and places that have shaped American history. Discover the East Coast away from New York. You can learn about the Industrial Revolution in New England with whale watching in Canada. The best time to cruise New England and Canada is fall. Nature's great canopies shimmer with copper and ruby as you stroll Boston's Freedom Trail.

7. Silversea Cruise Line

Silversea knows both Canada and New England, as well as cruising. Small ships are perfect for accessing off-the-beaten-track ports. Expedition cruises are only for some. Enthralling cities are. Luxury cruising is characterized by our friendly atmosphere, 1:1 crew-to-guest ratio, and excellent cuisine. Silversea is your only choice for all-inclusive travel to Canada and New England. No matter what time of year, Fall in New England is spectacular. The air is crisp, apples are ripe, and colorful leaves are falling. It's rustic, rugged, and historical, so take it. Despite their bucolic charm, Canadian and New England cities offer bright lights and ample entertainment.

8. Norwegian Cruise Line

The deep-blue sea meets rich autumn hues along the Canadian and New England coasts. Nature's fantastic spectacle, changing autumn foliage. It's also where you'll explore Bar Harbor, an opulent summer retreat built for the 19th-century elite. The best views of the Saint Lawrence River are at Québec City's Chateau Frontenac. Enjoy an authentic "downeast" lobster bake. Take advantage of North America's Leading Cruise Line. It's fall when Mother Nature shines. Cruises to Canada & New England are the best way to see this fantastic spectacle. Enjoy award-winning restaurants, casinos, and entertainment at these award-winning resorts.

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9. Oceania Cruise Line

Our Canada and New England cruises offer a variety of pleasures, including fresh lobster and pine forests smelled with salt-laced air. You can explore Boston's Freedom Trail and Saint John's Bay of Fundy. Bar Harbor and Newport are classic seaside favorites. At the same time, Montreal and Quebec City are French-Canadian beauty spots along the St. Lawrence River. Seeing the region's colorful transformation in autumn is a pleasure.

10. MSC Cruise Line

No introduction is needed for Canada & New England. MSC Cruises takes you to the hearts of these nations by sailing from New York and visiting the places where they were born. MSC Cruises offer an overview of Canada, including Victorian St John, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, its capital Charlottetown, Sydney, Halifax, and Sydney Harbour. In close touch with the indomitable natural surroundings surrounding King's Wharf, MSC Cruises has chosen the best of Bermuda overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. With MSC Cruises' New England itinerary, you'll experience Newport's elegance and Boston's calm, a city rich in history and culture but modern and dynamic.

11. Seabourn Cruise Line

Eastern North America has scenic splendor, fascinating history, and colorful local cultures. North America's northeast coast becomes a veritable rainbow of colors in autumn. A crimson and gold glow radiates from the Maine forests. Walkways in Halifax and Boston are adorned with lemon and amber leaves. On the other side of St. Lawrence, wood smoke is surrounded by villages reminiscent of the Loire. Take in Saguenay Fjord's rugged, jewel-like fall forests while sipping a steaming beverage on the deck. Take a trip to Gaspé, a Breton village. Enjoy the magnificent towers and pitched copper roofs of the Château Frontenac by catching a cable car up to the UNESCO-inscribed Dufferin Terrace.

12. Disney Cruise Line

Take a Disney Cruise Line cruise to Canada and discover New England's coast. Discover historical and natural wonders along the way and sophisticated metropolitan delights. Whether you're an adult, a kid, or a family, there's something for everyone on a Disney cruise. A Disney voyage includes world-class service and attention to detail. To make your cruise unforgettable, Disney Cruise Line carefully considers your needs for entertainment, clubs, activities, pools, dining, and much more.

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There are many sophisticated ports of call on New England and Canada cruises. Enjoy whale watching on the Atlantic Ocean coast, and take in the beauty of the fall foliage as you tour the area. Lighthouses and crab shacks can be found in Newport, Portland, and Bar Harbor. Learn about the Maritime provinces of Canada, including Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland. Take a trip to Quebec's cities and countryside to immerse yourself in French Canada. Check out for Canada and New England cruises.

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