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Useful Things to Know About Norwegian Breakaway

Explore Useful Things to Know About Norwegian Breakaway

Accessible Cruising

Norwegian believes that the fun and excitement of Freestyle cruising should be able to be enjoyed by everyone. That's why we are committed to providing all of our guests the freedom of choice to cruise your way. In order to assist you with any special requirements you may have, Norwegian has a seasoned group of cruise professionals who are specifically trained to meet your needs through our dedicated toll free number for accessible travel 0333 2412319). Norwegian's team of Access Coordinators at the Access Desk have experience in furthering Norwegian's mission to provide a safe and accessible cruise experience for all guests with special requirements to the extent that is feasible. The Access Desk Coordinators will discuss with you your needs and expectations for your cruising experience. You or your travel agent will be contacted so that we can try to meet your needs prior to your cruise as soon as we receive your Special Accommodation Requirements Information form available from our Access Desk. In order to make your cruise experience as enjoyable as possible and so that we can try to meet your specific needs, call 0333 2412319 (voice), fax (305) 468-2171, send an email to or have your travel agent contact us.

Advance notice needed

Whatever your special requirements are, Norwegian Cruise Line will do whatever it reasonably can to accommodate you. But we do need adequate time to prepare for your arrival. Please make every effort to contact our Access Desk well in advance of your cruise – at least 90 days for interpreters and 45 days for all other requirements.

The more information that we have concerning any special requirement you may have, the more prepared we are to meet your needs during your cruise. What works well for others may not meet your requirements. You'll have a much more enjoyable cruise experience if you tell us what you need. We will work with you to try to meet all your reasonable needs for your cruise, but due to the nature of travel on a passenger cruise vessel, if advance notice is not given, Norwegian Cruise Line may not be able to provide you with what you need.

In limited situations (either on board or ashore), we may find it necessary to ask you to make alternative travel arrangements, such as if a disabled guest is unable to satisfy certain specified safety and other criteria, even when provided with appropriate auxiliary aid and services. Guests who are unable to care for their basic needs (e.g. dressing, eating, and attending safety drills) MUST have a capable travelling companion. It is essential that we be notified of any special medical, physical, or other requirement you may have as soon as possible, including whether you intend to bring a scooter with you.

Guests with mobility disabilities

For guests who cannot walk on their own, a wheelchair, scooter or walker may be the primary mobility assistance aid for getting on and off the ship. Norwegian Cruise Line has a limited supply of wheelchairs onboard. In order to accommodate our guests, Norwegian Cruise Line wheelchairs are reserved exclusively for embarkation and disembarkation situations. If you will require regular use of a wheelchair, we strongly recommend that you bring your own wheelchair with you or make rental arrangements with Scootaround. The limited supply of wheelchairs onboard are available for emergency rental arrangements and are on a first come first serve basis.

Wheelchair accessible staterooms are available on all our ships. We recommend you book well in advance as possible as availability is limited. Accessible staterooms offer wider door frames, roll in showers, shower benches, high-rise toilets and handrails in shower and toilet area.

Motorised wheelchairs and scooters are allowed in our accessible staterooms provided that they are powered by gel-cell batteries and the chargers must be adaptable to 110 volts. Should you choose a stateroom that has not been designated as accessible, you will need to bring a collapsible wheelchair, or if you have a motorised wheelchair or scooter, the width must not exceed 26 inches to enter the stateroom door. All scooters and wheelchairs MUST be stored in the stateroom. Due to the safety and escape way requirements established by SOLAS regulations, they cannot be stored in the hallways, stairways, or any other public area. Beach wheelchairs can be rented for use on Norwegian Cruise Line's private island.

For additional details on the prearranged rental programme for wheelchairs, scooters and other medical equipment, please contact our authorised vendor. Please note that the other vendors will not have access to Norwegian ships:


Phone: (toll-free) 888-441-7575 or 204-982-0657

Fax: 204-478-1172

Shore excursions

Some shore excursion facilities may not be fully accessible to guests with mobility challenges. Although we endeavor to make sure that companies based in the United States provide accessible shore excursions, we cannot guarantee that all are able to provide facilities that are accessible to persons with disabilities. Moreover, shore excursions in foreign ports can present challenges to disabled guests. For detailed, up-to-date information on accessibility issues involving shore excursions, we recommend that you contact our Shore Excursion team experts at 0333 2412319

Guests who are deaf or have low hearing

At Norwegian Cruise Line, we will attempt to provide our Deaf or Low Hearing guests with an enjoyable cruise, which means making every attempt to make the technology available to assist Deaf and Low Hearing guests during your Freestyle cruise experience. We strongly encourage Deaf or Low Hearing guests to contact the Access Desk prior to cruising so that your specific needs can be discussed prior to your cruise. Many different options are available prior to the cruise and needs vary from guest to guest.

Amenities and Services include:

  • Embarkation day meeting with staff member who will see to your accessibility needs during the cruise
  • The Sky, Sun and Pride of America have staterooms that are hard wired for Deaf and Low Hearing guests which includes a visual-tactile alert system to alert you if there is knocking at the door, telephone ringing, alarm ringing or smoke detection
  • On those vessels where rooms have not been hardwired, a portable kit is available upon request in your stateroom that includes a visual-tactile alert system to alert you if there is knocking at the door, telephone ringing, alarm ringing or smoke detection
  • Individual and/or group emergency drills for all Deaf or Low Hearing guests upon request
  • Pagers are available upon request on all Norwegian Cruise Line vessels to alert Deaf or Low Hearing Guests to vessel announcements and a manual for same can be provided in advance
  • Assistive listening devices are available on many vessels in the main theatre through the Guest Service Desk
  • Closed-captioned televisions are available for your state room
  • Closed-captioned movies are available on the 'New Movie Release' channel. A DVD player may be requested if a guest wishes to bring their own DVD movies from home
  • Sign language interpreting services may be provided for Deaf guests if that is their primary means of communication. A request for sign language interpreting should be made with the Access Desk at the time of booking through the Special requirements Information Form that can be obtained from the Access desk, but no later than 90 days prior to sailing. Requests are subject to a number of considerations, including but not limited to, the availability of interpreters and cabin space. Sign language interpreting services may be provided on cruises that depart from and/or return to the U.S. Please make every effort to contact our Access Desk well in advance of your cruise - at least 90 days for interpreters. A request for an interpreter with less than 90 days' notice may still be granted but cannot be guaranteed
  • TTY Phones are available onboard all ships except Norwegian Spirit that use handy phones and text messaging. The guest can request that the phone in their room be replaced with a TTY phone and this will enable them to communicate with the Guest Services Desk staff by teletype

Guests who are blind or have low vision

At Norwegian Cruise Line, we will attempt to provide our Blind or Low Vision guests with an enjoyable cruise, which means providing personal, customised service to make your cruise fun, safe and happy.

Amenities and Services Available include:

  • Embarkation day meeting with staff member who will see to your accessibility needs during the cruise
  • A vessel orientation tour is available upon request
  • Braille / tactile signage
  • Service animals allowed onboard and must be arranged through the Access Desk prior to the cruise

To get more information or request accessibility assistance on your upcoming cruise, fill out the Guest Special Needs Request Form or contact us using the phone number at the bottom of this page.

Service Animals

Norwegian Cruise Line accepts service dogs that are trained to perform a specific task. A service dog may be needed for many different conditions, which would be acceptable under the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines.

In accordance with the ADA, Norwegian Cruise Line does NOT accept “Emotional Support” dogs as service dogs, they CANNOT sail.

  • Guests must provide copies of the dog’s current vaccination records that show all shots are up-to-date (including Rabies), as well as a USDA or International Health certificate
  • Guests are responsible for checking with all ports of call for any special requirements they may have. Guests are responsible for bringing all food, medication and life jacket for the dog
  • A relief sand box will be provided

All guests travelling with service animals must book at least two weeks in advance to allow enough time to check with each port of call and provide Norwegian Cruise Line with all required documentation.

Dietary Requirements

Guests with special medical diets or food allergies should contact the Access Desk prior to their cruise to discuss Norwegian Cruise Line's policies and procedures regarding special diets and specific allergies. Since the jars are shipped worldwide, meeting specific food allergy requirements is easy for some countries and very difficult for others. Special meal requests must be submitted at least 45 days prior to departure. Requests within 45 days are not guaranteed. Upon request, a sugar-free, low-sodium meal can be arranged for those guests with specific medical dietary restrictions. Refrigerators for storing insulin are available in many cabins.

PLEASE NOTE: Kosher Dining is not handled through the Access Desk.

Medical Needs


Guests requiring continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis are welcome to board all vessels. However, Norwegian Cruise Line does not have the ability to assist or administer hemo-dialysis treatments. Those guests using peritoneal dialysis should have all solutions and equipment needed to perform the dialysis delivered to the vessel on the day of sailing at least two hours prior to sailing. Please contact the Access desk prior to the cruise for more information on Norwegian Cruise Line's policies and procedures.


The ship is not equipped to provide guests with these services other than on an emergency basis in the Ship's Medical Centre. For security and safety reasons, we have selected Scootaround as the only outside vendors that we will permit to deliver oxygen supplies to the ship. We believe they will meet your on board respiratory needs.

However, you are also welcome, to bring your own oxygen and/or oxygen equipment from your home. Please contact the Access & Compliance Department prior to sailing if you will require oxygen whilst on your cruise. Please note that liquid oxygen is not permitted on any Norwegian Cruise Line vessel.

For additional details on the prearranged rental programme for oxygen equipment and other medical equipment, please contact our exclusive supplier and authorised vendor. For the safety and security of everyone, oxygen and/or oxygen equipment deliveries will not be accepted from any other company other than Scootaround.


Norwegian Cruise Line will not accept guests who are 24 weeks pregnant at the end of a Norwegian Cruise Line voyage. A statement (in letterhead format required) from the expectant mother's doctor stating her due date and suitability for travel must be sent to the Norwegian Cruise Line Boarding Desk. For more information on documentation, please submit a Special Needs Guest Application here. Norwegian Cruise Line is not responsible for pregnancy complications that occur or occur while on a cruise.

Age Restrictions

You must be 21 or older to purchase or consume alcohol. Norwegian Cruise Line permits young adults between the ages of 18 and 20 to purchase and consume wine and beer on board with the consent of the accompanying parent. Guest must be 18 years of age or older to play and receive prizes.


Norwegian doesn't offer babysitting but instead offers Group Sitting Services for children ages 3-12 years old every night from 10:30pm - 1:30am (Late Night Fun Zone) and on port days whilst the ship is docked.

On Port Days, a minimal fee is charged only during scheduled meal time per the activity booklet.

Nightly at Late Night Fun Zone, there is an hourly fee of $6.00 USD per hour, per child and $4.00 USD per hour, per child for each additional sibling.

Parents are encouraged to sign up in advance for both services. If no children are signed up or dropped off by 11:30 pm for the nightly service, the youth centre will close for the evening. The fees are charged to your on-board account. Fifteen minute transition time is offered before charges apply from Splash Academy to Late Night. Both services are run by the Youth Staff in the Splash Academy Facility.

Hours of Operations

Port Day: Arrival into Port – Departure from Port

Overnight In Port: Arrival in Port – 8:00 pm

Activities: Size & Weight Requirements

General Aqua Park rules:

  • No running, jumping or diving are permitted in the water slide area.
  • No beverages, food or glass are permitted.
  • Children who are not toilet trained are not allowed on water slides.
  • Guests must abide by all rules posted on signs in the water slide area.

Race Track: Height requirements: Minimum 1.40m or 55", Maximum 2.00m or 79". Shoes must cover toes and ankle (no flip flops). Loose clothing is not allowed. No age minimum, guests only must adhere to height requirements. Long hair must be tied back and hide inside helmet. Drug and alcohol consumption before driving are strictly prohibited. Persons with cardiovascular disease, hypertension, spinal injuries or pregnant are not recommended to participate

Laser Tag: Shoes must cover toes (no flip flops). No age, height or weight minimum as long as the person can carry the equipment. Hero Blast equipment will be available as an alternative to Laser guns on request. Drug and alcohol consumption before participating are strictly prohibited. Persons with cardiovascular disease, hypertension, spinal injuries or pregnant are not recommended to participate

Aqua Racer: Height requirements: Minimum 48” Weight requirements: No minimum weight; maximum weight not to exceed 300lbs for both solo and double tube riders

Ocean Loops: Height requirements: Minimum 48” Weight requirements: Minimum weight 130lbs; maximum weight 300lbs

Smoking Policy

The health and well-being of our guests and crew is of utmost importance, so smoking is prohibited in indoor public areas on all ships, with the exception of the Cigar Lounge and Casino. There is a dedicated outdoor area for smoking.

Service Charges

The reason there's a fixed service charge is an important one: Our Crew (as are the crew from other lines) are encouraged to work together as a team. Staff members including complimentary restaurant staff, stateroom stewards and behind-the-scenes support staff are compensated by a combination of salary and incentive programmes that your service charge supports. How much is the charge? Onboard Service Charges are additional.

How much are the service charges?

For bookings made on or after April 1, 2020, that prepay their service charges before their sail date:

  • $18.50 USD per person per day for The Haven and Suites;
  • $18.00 USD per person per day for Club Balcony Suite;
  • $15.50 USD per person per day for all other stateroom types

For bookings made prior to April 1st, 2019, that prepay their service charges before their sail date:

  • $17.50 USD per person per day for The Haven, Concierge and Suites;
  • $14.50 USD per person per day for all other stateroom types

For bookings made on or after April 1, 2019 or for sailings April 1, 2019 and beyond whose service charges have not been prepaid:

  • $18 USD per person per day for The Haven, Concierge and Suites
  • $15 USD per person per day for all other stateroom types

Guests sailing to Hawaii will be charged an additional 4.275% Pre Paid Service Charge GET Tax

Are service charges across the board for all guests?

All guests 3 years or older.

How do I prepay my service charges?

Contact your travel professional and request that it be added to your cruise reservation. If you have not made final payment this will be included in your final payment amount or if final payment has already been made we will require full payment at the time it is added.

At what point in the booking process can the prepaid charges be added?

They can be added at anytime up to 24 hours prior to sailing.

Why would I prepay my service charges?

The convenience of pre-paying the service charges allows you to plan your budget prior to your cruise giving you additional freedom whilst on board.

If I cancel my cruise are the service charges refundable?

Yes! The service charges are 100% refundable.

If there is a service issue can the service charges be adjusted on board?

Guest satisfaction is the highest priority at Norwegian Cruise Line. We have structured a guest satisfaction programme designed to handle any concerns about service or on-board product quickly and efficiently. However, in the event a service issue should arise during your cruise please let our on-board guest services desk staff know right away, so that we can address these in a timely manner. It is our goal to reach a satisfactory solution to any issue when it happens and make sure our guests can focus on enjoying their cruise. Should your concerns not be met with satisfaction you can adjust the charges.


All ships are equipped with 24-hour internet cafes. Wireless Internet (aka WI-Fi) is also available on all Norwegian aircraft.

Dress Code

As for what to wear, you can go casual or dress up and look your best. The choice is yours. This is the freedom of freestyle cruising. There is also a Dress Up or Not Night. This is a great opportunity to take portraits with your family, loved ones, and the captain. For buffets and most specialty restaurants, casual attire is recommended at all times of the day. For women, it includes summer and casual dresses, skirts, regular or capris, shorts, jeans, and tops. For men, khakis, jeans, shorts and a casual shirt are fine. Swimsuits are allowed at the buffet and outdoor restaurants, but a shirt or wrap and shoes are required. Cruise casual is acceptable regardless of day or night on the day of boarding. Dress smart casual for dinner in the Aft Main Dining Room (the more formal dining room) and Le His Bistro on cruises of 5 days or longer. For women, it includes pants or jeans, dresses, skirts and tops. For men, jeans or trousers with a collared shirt and closed-toe shoes. Bermuda cruises allow the wearing of traditional Bermuda shorts and long socks, loafers and blazers. They want you to be comfortable, but in the main dining room and specialty restaurants, men's tank tops, flip-flops, baseball caps, visors, overly faded, with holes or rips, and at the waist Jeans worn below are not allowed.Children under the age of 12 are allowed to wear nice shorts in all restaurants. You can also prepare a sweater. A/C can be chilly. Don't forget to bring a holdall for your recipes and essentials, as you'll be picking up the bag the night before you leave.

Sail & Sustain

We remain committed to being a responsible corporate citizen by fostering a culture of awareness and respect for our world's resources. Our core company values extend beyond our ships and encourages the preservation of the precious natural resources that are integral to our success. Our ability to offer fantastic guest experiences relies on the clean and healthy marine environment and well-being of the destinations we visit.

Every ship sails with an Environmental Officer (EO) whose job includes the implementation, training, oversight and verification of shipboard environmental compliance, in addition to providing shoreside assistance for developing environmental policies and procedures. The EO is also available on board to answer guests' environmental questions, provide hands-on crew trainings and help ensure crew stay on course with the ISO 14001 programme.

Prior to assuming their shipboard duties, all crew members learn the basic requirements for ensuring environmental compliance through our Environmental Familiarisation Training. Each crew member also receives specialised environmental training that is appropriate to their individual job and responsibilities.

Water Conservation & Management

71% of the planet is covered in water, so we have strict discharge policies and use the latest technologies to treat all wastewater generated on board.

Waste Mitigation

A rigorous and progressive waste management programme ensures that our ships take advantage to recycle and reduce waste to landfills.

Fuel & Energy Efficiency

As leaders in the cruise industry, we believe it is our obligation to do our part to help mitigate actions that may influence changes to our climate on a large scale.

Cruise Inquiry