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Cruise Lines to Europe

Europe Cruise Lines

European cruises are diverse, just like the weather, as the Atlantic, Mediterranean, and North Seas border them. Whether you explore an old or new kingdom, castles, specialty cuisine, museums, friendly locals, or vibrant nightlife, you will likely have various experiences. When you choose to visit Europe by sea, you'll get a chance to see Europe in a new light: from Scandinavia and Northern Europe's charming ports and stunning scenery to Paris' bucket-list landmarks, from Belgium's cobbled streets and chocolate to Amsterdam's winding canals and fascinating history.

European cities, coasts, and adventures abound in Europe. With ancient cities, sun-drenched beaches, intriguing monuments, and cultural quirks, a cruise around Europe will provide life-changing experiences. Spectacular views await you at every turn, bringing a new adventure. When exploring these scenic wonders, you will want to remember your camera.

Which Cruise Lines goes to Europe?

There is a large number of oceangoing cruise lines that offer itineraries in Europe, exploring Northern, Eastern, and Western Europe. Some of the major cruise lines that go to Europe include Royal Caribbean International, Carnival Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, MSC Cruises, Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, Celebrity Cruises, and Costa Cruises. River cruises to Europe, including the Danube, Rhine, Douro, and more, are also famous on ships like Viking, Avalon, Emerald, Scenic, AmaWaterways, and Uniworld.

List of Best Cruise Lines for Europe

A European cruise can be challenging to plan if you need to know where to go. Including stops in Barcelona and Monaco and ports in Italy on a Western Mediterranean itinerary is typical. Eastern Mediterranean cruises include Italy, Croatia, Greece, sometimes Turkey, and Israel. With a Baltic Sea cruise, you'll discover Scandinavia and Russia; the Norwegian Fjords have their own beauty. A British Isles cruise allows you to visit castles in England, Scotland, and London. You can't beat the Canary Islands if you're looking for the sun.

1. Azamara Cruise Line

Western Europe is famous for a reason. The Pyrenees Mountains and the lavender fields of Provence are among the quieter spaces in this part of the world. Try the incredible flavors of these nations and learn about their cultures as you experience the history you learned in high school. Their Western European, Mediterranean, and Northern European cruises offer an opportunity to experience these cultures in depth. 

2. Celebrity Cruise Line

Several European cities on your list sound similar to Paris, Rome, London, Stockholm, and Berlin. There are many places in Europe that almost everyone wants to visit, so most bucket lists include them. Mediterranean ports provide lovely food and sun-kissed culture. Norwegian Fjords or medieval castles can also be experienced for stunning natural beauty in Northern Europe. The chic and sophisticated ships of Celebrity Cruises offer the perfect complement to European old-world magnificence, so you can see these sights while you sail. It is a continent full of exciting sights and activities to explore. Enjoy every port of call on your next Celebrity Cruises Europe cruise. Discover the history of Copenhagen by visiting their three palaces, or try true Sherry in Spain.

3. Costa Cruise Line

Vikings once dominated these waters, which are reflected in the rugged beauty of the northern seas. Embark on a cruise in the North Sea to experience the majesty of Norwegian fjords. The ship navigates majestic water labyrinths carved by relentless sea waves penetrating deeper and deeper into this land. They admire magnificent scenery, including Norse villages at the base of picturesque cliffs and mountains with cascading waterfalls. A visit to Oslo or Stockholm is an eye-opening experience, as is visiting Tallinn or Copenhagen, with the beautiful little Mermaid from Hans Christian Andersen's story winking at us.

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4. Cunard Cruise Line

Europeans have dominated the Western world for hundreds of years. Various cultures, traditions, and foods have developed and existed on this continent over the years. Europe offers multiple countries and cities, but two significant regions are ideal for cruising: the Mediterranean and Northern Europe. The Mediterranean comprises countries like Italy, Greece, and Spain in southern Europe. There is no doubt that it has a rich historical background, as well as delicious yet healthy cuisine. Relax on the beach, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy the fresh air in this region. Countries in northern Europe have a rich history associated with medieval or Norse cultures. The cultural experiences and rich history of countries like Germany, Sweden, and The Netherlands cannot be beaten. 

5. Holland America Cruise Line

Memories last a lifetime on a Europe cruise. Discover incredible European destinations with a variety of itineraries. Enjoy a weekend cruise and a 7-day vacation. Embark on our epic transatlantic cruises to cross the sea like explorers once did. Modern innovation and centuries of tradition blend in Europe. It's a sure thing. Discover fairytale land on a Baltic cruise. A cruise to Greece lets you explore cliff-side white stucco villages and ancient citadels. Our Europe cruises offer the best ways to experience Michelangelo's David, Barcelona tapas bars, and Icelandic hot springs.  

6. Hurtigruten Expeditions Cruise Line

Take a cruise down Europe's historical coastline and experience ancient civilizations, magnificent cities, and hidden gems. Playfully discover iconic and picturesque destinations on our intimate cruises, giving you a rare insight into European history and culture. Enjoy the best of Europe's coastlines with a mix of well-known and off-the-beaten-track destinations. Coastal towns with wild, rugged terrain, idyllic seaside retreats, and gastronomically rich cities await your exploration.

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7. MSC Cruise Line

MSC Cruises is a well-known cruise line in Europe based in Italy. Having traveled across this storied continent many times, they know what excursions will be most exciting and which ports offer fascinating discoveries. It's an excellent opportunity to see classic cities like Rome and Stockholm and smaller ports like Tromso or Marseille. Embark on one of these cruises and marvel at ancient ruins, catch a glimpse of modern customs, and savor the taste of local foods made with fresh ingredients. The Mediterranean or Northern Europe will be a wonderful experience with MSC Cruises.

8. Norwegian Cruise Line

Taking a European cruise will give you an inside look at Europe's history, landmarks, and culture. We have fifteen convenient locations that are unique destinations and home to award-winning ships. Embark on a European, Scandinavian & Baltic, Mediterranean, Greek, or Italian cruise and experience a new city every day. Plus, there are no set dining hours and spectacular onboard entertainment. "Europe's Leading Cruise Line" award has been given 15 times in a row.

9. Oceania Cruise Line

Oceania Cruises' all-inclusive luxury is the best way to experience Europe, a destination that truly has it all. Rome and Barcelona offer a diverse and rewarding vacation experience combining centuries of history with culturally rich, modern cities. The Amalfi Coast or Scotland's highlands may appeal to European nature lovers. With Oceania's Finest Cuisine at Sea, foodies can enjoy some of Europe's most famous dishes aboard and ashore. Visit the Vatican, eat paella in Spain, or hike in Northern Europe's mountainous terrain to gain a deeper understanding of art and history. What is your first priority? From the British Isles to Greece, Oceania Cruises' European cruises offer plenty of time to explore Europe.

10. Princess Cruise Line

The European cruise experience offers a wide array of culture, historical attractions, cuisine, and music. A Mediterranean cultural explosion or a northern European historical journey will inspire you, leaving you wishing for your own second home in Europe. A thrilling soccer match awaits you at Camp Nou. Find your faith at the Vatican, or explore Viking settlements in Copenhagen. There's plenty to discover on a Europe cruise with Princess Cruises, from charming personalities to delicious cuisine. Princess Europe cruises offer a panoramic view of Europe. The Mt. Floyen funicular in Bergen and the fairytale statues in Klaipeda, Lithuania, are two of Europe's unique little-known attractions.

11. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

Take a cruise to Europe and observe the weathered spires of old Copenhagen, Santorini's sun-bleached houses, the Mediterranean's colorful cliffs, or the Celtic cliffs of the British Isles as your ship approaches. Experience the eclecticism of Europe through Croatia's waterfalls and France's famous rivers. Various cuisines await, from familiar favorites like Italian pasta to lesser-known dishes from Amsterdam to Zagreb. Take a cruise through Europe and discover its magic.

12. Regent Seven Seas Cruise Line

A Regent Seven Seas Cruises European voyage invites you to experience the continent of Europe comprehensively, from the major capitals of Berlin, Barcelona, and Rome to small unknown villages and towns. They craft each sailing so you can experience Europe with all five senses. The Mediterranean offers a variety of cuisines, such as Spanish tapas. The Norwegian fjords are one of the most notable sites in Northern Europe. Lavender in France smells like flowers. A Brit-rock band like The Beatles is full of creativity. Visiting the places where kings, explorers, and artists walked will allow you to touch history. With Regent Seven Seas Cruises, you can cruise to Europe and more.

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13. Seabourn Cruise Line

It is marvelous to see Norway's abundance in summer. Seabourn cruises make it as easy, comfortable, and fun as possible to be there at this time of year. Embark on a northward journey to see fairy tale castles and fjords, gilded palaces and picturesque villages, iconic museums, and untouched islands. With an expedition-style flair, Seabourn offers ultra-luxury sailings through northern Europe that exude special magic during summer - including kayaking, Zodiac excursions, and hiking excursions led by a veteran expedition team.

Experience Scandinavia's rich culture, architecture, and history. In Iceland and Greenland, marvel at the abundant wildlife and stunning natural beauty, and explore medieval cathedrals and stately gardens of the British Isles. Nothing like an exciting adventure in Northern Europe paired with an exclusive amenity designed to enhance your experience.

14. Silversea Cruise Line

An indefinable continent filled with ancient ruins, Renaissance art, sun-kissed beaches, and rugged coastlines. Every country's aspect is different, from St. Petersburg's majesty to Crete's labyrinthine streets to Cornwall's pastoral perfection and Copenhagen's savvy design. The food is world-famous and envied by all! The European continent offers unforgettable experiences whether you are visiting for the first or the 500th time. Europe is also where Silversea originated. All of their itineraries and ships bear are Made in Italy trademark. However, they have made their name through their European service. The company is proud to maintain European standards of excellence wherever we sail, regardless of location. No other continent (or company) pays attention to details quite highly. Whether traveling along the coast of sunny Spain or the Outer Hebrides, you're in European waters.

15. Viking Ocean Cruise Line

With Viking Oceans, European cruises will immerse you into wonderful communities within some of the world's finest cities, whether the Viking Homelands or Catalonia to Constantinople voyage. With a cruise through France or England, you can experience the delicious cuisine of the Mediterranean or discover the arts and culture of Western Europe. With Viking Oceans, your cruise to Europe will be filled with wonder, enrichment, joy, and delight, regardless of your chosen region or itinerary. Find your Shangri-La cruise with Viking Oceans on a cruise to Europe. 

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