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Hawaii Cruise Ships

A large number of travel enthusiasts have Hawaii on their bucket list. Hawaii cruise destination loved by the world for its unmatched beauty. Nothing can be better than enjoying the soft breeze and warm sun on the Hawaiian beach. If this tempts you, book a cruise ship to Hawaii!

Taking a cruise ship to Hawaii is one of the ultimate luxurious experiences you can share with your family and loved ones. Witness the stunning scenic beauty of this place while relaxing on the deck. Additionally, as you are taking a cruise to explore the oceans, you are not restricted to just one island. Instead, you can plan your itinerary in a way so that you make the most of this place.  

Trending Cruise Ships to Hawaii

Here is a list of the seven best cruise ships to Hawaii.

1. Norwegian Pride of America Cruises 

This is the only U.S.-flagged cruise that sails from Honolulu. In addition, this ship offers top-class facilities, including accommodations, dining, activities, and many more. Additionally, one of the benefits of boarding the Norwegian Pride of America cruise ship to Hawaii is you can schedule your vacation any time of the year because it makes round trips throughout the year. 

2. Carnival Miracle

Carnival Miracle cruise ship is a huge vessel that can accommodate more than 2000 guests. Most people choose this ship to escape their mundane lifestyle because Carnival Miracle takes you to another world.

As you board this cruise, you will find yourself in fantasy land. All its onboard spaces are named after popular characters like Phantom Lounge, Dr. Frankenstein’s Lab, Sam’s Piano Bar, and many more. So, if you choose this cruise to Hawaii, you can enjoy the wonderful scenery on your way and access premium quality services.

3. Diamond Princess

The Diamond Princess is one of the popular ships that belongs to the Princess cruise line. It is said that this ship is a destination in itself. 

You will be offered varied amenities, delicious food, and several activities to make this journey more memorable.

As you will spend a few days on the cruise before reaching the ports, your room must suit all your requirements. On board Diamond Princess, you get several room options to choose from. In addition, you also get tempting culinary experiences as the chefs are always on their feet to prepare delectable food. You can explore several fine-dining options, along with other fun activities.

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4. Ovation of the Seas  

With a capacity of 4,000 and more accommodations, the Ovation of the Seas Cruise to Hawaii is a huge cruise. This particular ship belongs to the Royal Caribbean cruise lines. This ship has sixteen decks that offer incredible views from all sides.

The cruise provides activities like rock climbing, surfing, skydiving, archery, etc. After you spend the day on outdoor or indoor activities, spend the night with your family or loved ones and taste delicious food and drinks. Other onboard activities include theater performances, game shows, and live bands. The ship also features an array of health and fitness facilities.

5. Royal Princess  

The Royal Princess is another cruiser from the Princess cruise line. This cruise ship to Hawaii has a crew of more than 1,000 and can accommodate around 3,000 guests. This particular cruise line works towards maintaining a good customer relationship on board. Hence, they provide attentive staff and prompt services.

If you choose the Royal Princess Cruise to Hawaii, you are in for a magnificent treat. This ship has a varied range of entertainment options. You can watch original musicals, magic shows, or even a film under the stars. The cruiser is also well-equipped with duty-free shopping areas. In addition, there is a Youth Center that is a haven for every young boarder. However, there is an age restriction for kids below three to enter this zone.

6. Koningsdam 

One of the popular Hawaii cruise ships of the Holland America Line is the Koningsdam cruise ship. This cruiser can host more than 2,500 guests at a time. This premium ship is an absolute example of elegant nautical traditions. 

There are 12 decks, each with adequate rooms for each facility. Moreover, you can savor gourmet food at every meal because there are plenty of fine-dining restaurants. This cruiser also has separate programs for kids of every age so no one feels left out. Here you have the freedom to choose as many indulgences as you like. Boarding the Koningsdam Cruise to Hawaii will give you a break from your routine life as you can try anything that surprises you. 

7. Norwegian Spirit

The Norwegian Spirit is the latest edition of the Norwegian Cruise Line. This modern cruiser is made in such a manner that it offers the best services of the fleet. This resort-style ship, which can accompany more than 2000 guests, is one of the best ships to travel to Hawaii.

There are some of the other notable cruisers:

  • Ruby Princess
  • Sapphire Princess
  • Quantum of the Seas
  • Celebrity Eclipse
  • Radiance of the Seas
  • Crown Princess
  • Zuiderdam 

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These above-mentioned Hawaii cruise ships are among the most popular choices. Upon choosing from these cruisers, you will experience absolute thrill and excitement. In addition, you can capture such extraordinary sights and encounter Hawaiian culture as you head for the Islands.

If this is your first time planning a cruise trip, you can choose to assist you. Select which cruise you want, and we will take care of the rest. From the Cruise Ship Specials to Hawaii to offshore excursions, you will not have to worry about anything except what to pack.

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