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Luggage Rules for cruisers to consider

If you are going on a cruise, make sure you know all the luggage rules before packing.

By Cruise Booking Team

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Cruising can be a great way of traveling, as it has so many things on offer. Cruise ships are like floating cities with many activities that will keep you engaged for a long time. Along with that, various theme-based cruises enhance the enjoyment factor further.

If you are going on a cruise for the first time, then you must know all the luggage rules for a cruise. In addition, you might have several questions about what you can bring and what you can’t bring onboard.

So, read on to get answers to some common questions surrounding this topic.

Top 11 Questions to Know About Luggage Rules for Cruises

1. How much luggage can I bring on a cruise?

There is no real limit on how much luggage can be brought on a cruise. Most cruise lines encourage passengers to limit luggage to less than 100 pounds (around 2 suitcases). You can also bring carry-on luggage. However, it is ideal to check with individual cruise lines regarding this.

2. Are there any baggage fees for luggage on cruises?

There are no baggage fees or extra charges for luggage on cruises, unlike airlines.

3. Any prohibitions on what luggage you can bring on cruises?

Items on cruise ships that are not allowed on board:

4. What happens if I accidentally bring any of the prohibited items?

If you have accidentally packed something that is prohibited on a cruise, then it will be removed from your bag when found.

5. Can I bring food on a cruise?

Any food that is brought on board needs to be (a) pre-processed, (b) packaged, and (c) unopened. No homemade items are allowed on the cruise. At the same time, it is ideal to check with the concerned cruise line regarding this.

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6. Do the “3-1-1” liquids (from flights) rule apply to cruises?

This rule is specifically for flights and does not apply to cruise ships. You can bring shampoo, hairspray, or a tube of toothpaste (full-sized) from home.

7. Can I bring a bottle of alcohol while boarding the cruise?

Most cruise lines will let you on board with up to two bottles of wine or champagne but not beer or liquor. One bottle (750 ml) per adult is allowed in a cabin.

8. Can I bring any alcohol-free drinks while boarding the cruise?

Yes, major cruise lines let you bring up to 12 non-alcoholic drinks on board.

9. Are there any specific rules for bringing carry-on luggage onboard?

Passengers are encouraged to bring some sort of carry-on containing travel documents, passports, medications, and any other items they require.

10. What size of bags is allowed on board a cruise?

No. There is no rule regarding the sizes of bags allowed onboard a cruise.

11. Will your luggage be searched on a cruise ship?

Yes. All pieces of luggage brought on board the ship will be searched by an X-ray device.

12. When will I get my bags after checking them?

The bags will be checked and returned within a few hours of boarding the cruise.

We hope that we have clarified all the luggage rules for the cruise that you had in your mind. If you have any more doubts, feel free to contact our travel agents at We will be happy to resolve your issues.

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