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Aboard Silversea's intimate luxury cruises you can discover the world's most intriguing ports. A small luxury cruise ship offers the opportunity to visit over 900 fascinating destinations across 7 continents. St. Petersburg's heart, Cape Town's tip, the oil-rich sheikdoms of the Middle East, Sydney's bustling Harbour, and Chile's fjords are all within reach by ship. A new and unique adventure awaits you on each of their expedition cruises. Explore the world's most pristine landscapes, from the ancient Galápagos Islands to Polynesia's lush, tropical Edens to Antarctica's ice-covered wilderness.

There are so many destinations you can visit on a Silversea cruise, so what are the best ones? The following are some of Silversea Cruise Line's trending cruise destinations.

Trending Silversea Cruise Destinations

With its carefully crafted itineraries, Silversea Cruises visits fascinating ports of call across the world's most scenic routes. Silversea's smaller ships also visit more intimate hidden ports, which means you don't just spend time in classic port cities. The best of the world can be seen with a Silversea cruise from Alaska to Australia and Bermuda to Beijing. The Galapagos, Northern Europe, and the Middle East are possible destinations. Here are some other trending Silversea Cruise Destinations.

1. Alaska

There is no doubt that Alaska is a feast for the senses because of its vast expanses, glaciers, and stunning backdrops. Experiencing the ever-changing views of Columbia Glacier is unlike anything else, with unique movements and scenes, unlike any other glacier. The Gulf of Alaska's Kayak Island, home to sea lions that submerge surprisingly, is a great place to spot cute encounters. It is only accessible by boat or seaplane in Juneau, a popular cruise port. Juneau offers a wealth of natural wonders, from vibrant botanical gardens to wildlife encounters. Explore the art, theatre, and music scenes of the thriving city of Vancouver before embarking on your cruise. Vancouver is known for being a popular location for filming.

2. Arctic and Greenland

Navigating the crisp waters of the Arctic will surely allow you to spot polar bears, walruses, and narwhals. There are few destinations as spectacular as the Artic, where majestic ice structures rest alongside spectacular flora, which attracts an incredibly diverse fauna. The Icelandic capital of Reykjavik is a popular winter break destination, known for its northern light sightings, geothermal waters, and panoramic views of the city and ocean from the Perlan glass dome. From icebergs of enormous scale to picturesque waterfalls cascading from the mountains and suburban villages that their rainbow can only see of colorful buildings that sit on and around rugged hills and mountains, sailing through Greenland will leave you breathless. Uunartoq Island is home to three naturally heated streams and hot springs that are open-air and offer magnificent views of the surroundings. Located on Hvalsey, a former sheep grazing area, you can see churches and ruins from the 14th century on your cruise.

3. Expedition

You are an explorer at heart, just as Columbus and Magellan were before you. The new restaurant down the street or a new shortcut to work is always on your list of things to learn. Your curiosity needs to go global now. Travel to a faraway land where tourists haven't encroached on a Silversea Expedition cruise. Whether in Melanesia, the Arctic Circle, Galapagos, or Antarctica, these islands are located in these parts of the world. Learn about the customs of the locals on your voyage. The trip will combine anthropologists and botanists when touring fascinating cultures, jungle hikes, and visits to ancient ruins. With an 11- to 13-person expedition team guiding you, you'll experience the majesty of nature with guests of all ages. A dedicated photographer and videographer will capture the most exciting moments. Your expedition with Silversea Cruises awaits!

4. Galapagos

Choose a Silversea Galapagos cruise for a unique and exciting trip to a small string of islands. Explore the animals in their natural habitats as if you were Charles Darwin, learn about their characteristics, and observe them in their natural habitat. See colorful lizards while walking across lava fields or snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters surrounding the island. Views of volcanic craters and lush gardens will be breathtaking. Embark on a Silversea Cruises Galapagos Islands expedition to see the Galapagos Turtles up close.

5. South Pacific Islands

One of the most enchanting destinations on earth is the South Pacific Islands, which are remote and renowned. Over 300,000 square kilometers are covered by the region, which incorporates Micronesia to the north, Polynesia to the east, and Melanesia to the west. There is no understatement when it comes to saying the area is vast. On Silversea Expeditions' small ship cruises, almost inaccessible lands are brought to life. Get to know a region bursting with diversity aboard Silver Cloud or Silver Explorer and travel in luxury all-inclusive. Our experienced guides will guide you along the way, so you won't just be diving into pristine-clear waters. Explore the unique cultures, cuisines, and customs that make each island special.

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