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Cruises out of Southampton

Cruises Departing From Southampton

As the sun sets over Southampton, a picturesque port city, various cruise ships stand tall, ready to set sail on journeys that promise exciting experiences. Southampton has established itself as a prominent departure location for some of the most renowned cruise lines in the world. In this post, we'll take you on a tour of the fascinating itineraries and opulent extravagances that prominent cruises from Southampton provide. Let's embark on an exciting journey on cruises from Southampton, from the vintage charm of Cunard Line to the contemporary elegance of the Azamara cruise.

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2 Nights | Northern Europe | MSC Cruises | MSC Virtuosa

2 Nights | Northern Europe | MSC Cruises | MSC Virtuosa
Lowest Rate*
  • Interior $159.00
  • Oceanview $169.00
  • Balcony $179.00
  • Suite $609.00
From $159.00* $79.50 / night(s)

2 Nights | Northern Europe | MSC Cruises | MSC Preziosa

2 Nights | Northern Europe | MSC Cruises | MSC Preziosa
Lowest Rate*
  • Interior $179.00
  • Oceanview $249.00
  • Balcony $289.00
  • Suite $499.00
From $179.00* $89.50 / night(s)

2 Nights | Northern Europe | MSC Cruises | MSC Virtuosa

2 Nights | Northern Europe | MSC Cruises | MSC Virtuosa
Lowest Rate*
  • Interior $209.00
  • Oceanview $269.00
  • Balcony $319.00
  • Suite $869.00
From $209.00* $104.50 / night(s)

2 Nights | Europe | Cunard | Queen Anne

2 Nights | Europe | Cunard | Queen Anne
Lowest Rate*
  • Interior $249.00
  • Oceanview $379.00
  • Balcony $429.00
  • Suite $549.00
From $249.00* $124.50 / night(s)

7 Nights | Northern Europe | MSC Cruises | MSC Preziosa

7 Nights | Northern Europe | MSC Cruises | MSC Preziosa

MSC Preziosa virtual-360

Southampton Southampton

7 Nights

Southampton | Hamburg | Rotterdam | Zeebrugge | Le Havre | Southampton **

Cruise Deals from Southampton to Southampton

Lowest Rate*
  • Interior $279.00
  • Oceanview $419.00
  • Balcony $529.00
  • Suite $1,139.00
From $279.00* $39.86 / night(s)

Best Cruises from Southampton

1. Cunard Cruise Line

Without mentioning the Cunard Line, no conversation about cruises from Southampton is complete. Cunard Line offers Many amazing cruises, a well-known British cruise line, and they leave Southampton. Passengers can board opulent cruises from this ancient port city to various locations across the globe. Visitors can enjoy top-notch food, entertainment, and enrichment activities on board. Cunard Cruise Line guarantees an exceptional and unforgettable cruise experience, whether it's a transatlantic trip, an exciting journey to distant locations, or a peaceful voyage to visit Europe's beauties.

2. Azamara Cruises

Azamara Cruises, a renowned luxury cruise operator, departs from the storied port of Southampton and provides amazing journeys. With Azamara, you may set sail on a memorable vacation rich in luxury and cultural exploration. The company's small-sized ships offer guests upscale amenities and individualized attention. The enthralling Norwegian Fjords, the Mediterranean's sun-kissed shores, and the dynamic cities of Northern Europe are just a few of the intriguing destinations that travelers can travel to from Southampton. No matter what you're looking for—relaxation, excitement, or cultural enrichment—Azamara Cruises from Southampton guarantees an unrivaled journey that will leave you with priceless memories that will last a lifetime.

3. Crystal Cruises

From Southampton, Crystal Cruises offers opulent cruises with an unmatched vacation experience. Take a 5-star vacation on one of their sophisticated cruise ships, where luxury and comfort effortlessly meld. Enjoy top-notch amenities like luxurious lodging, delectable eating options, and superb, individualized service from a committed staff. Discover stunning locations, from bustling cities in Europe to exotic, far-off settings, with expertly selected itineraries providing meaningful cultural experiences. Enjoy various onboard activities, including spa services, interesting lectures, and entertainment. Set out on a trip of elegance and relaxation with Crystal Cruises from Southampton and make lifelong experiences that will never be forgotten. 

4. Silversea Cruises

Silversea Cruises from Southampton goes on a wonderful journey. Set sail on a world-class ship and enjoy unsurpassed elegance and personalized service. You'll be treated from the moment you step on board with luxury cabins, superb dining options, and a vast range of onboard activities. Enjoy the beautiful views of the open sea and go to fascinating sites across the world. Each point of call promises amazing activities, whether touring vibrant cities, finding secluded islands, or appreciating gorgeous vistas. Indulge in the finest amenities, make cherished memories, and go on a journey of luxury and peace with Silversea Cruises.


Cruises from Southampton remain an enticing and convenient option for travelers looking for exceptional journeys. Southampton's strategic location acts as a gateway to various appealing places, allowing passengers to discover a variety of cultures and landscapes easily. Travelers are engulfed by a world of luxury, comfort, and infinite entertainment from the moment they step aboard, delivering an unparalleled experience that caters to each individual's interests. With various onboard activities and excursions, these cruises cater to everyone, whether they are looking for relaxation or adventure. Southampton cruise port is enduringly popular departure point, delivers amazing journeys that will leave travelers with cherished memories to last a lifetime. Now is the time to book a cruise to Southampton at 

FAQs for Cruises from Southampton

When packing for a cruise, consider the destinations and time of year you'll travel. Bring comfortable clothing, including both casual attire for the daytime and formal outfits for evening dinners. Remember swimwear for pool days and shore excursions. Ensure you have any necessary travel documents, medications, and toiletries.

Ans. Cruises departing from Southampton offer a variety of exciting destinations. Some standard itineraries include cruises to the Mediterranean, Northern Europe (including the Norwegian Fjords), the Canary Islands, the Baltics, and the British Isles. Longer voyages also take you to the Caribbean, North America, or worldwide.

Southampton is a major cruise port in the UK, and several renowned cruise lines use it as a departure point. Popular cruise lines from Southampton include Cunard Line, Azamara Cruises, Crystal Cruises, and Silversea Cruises.

Cruises from Southampton typically run throughout the year, but the most popular time for sailing is during the summer months (June to August) when the weather is generally more favorable. However, if you prefer to avoid crowds and seek better deals, consider sailing during the shoulder seasons in spring (April to May) or autumn (September to October).

Cruises departing from Southampton offer many amenities and activities to keep passengers entertained throughout their journey. You can expect restaurants and dining options, bars and lounges, swimming pools, fitness centers, spas, entertainment venues, and various onboard activities like live shows, workshops, and sports facilities. Many ships also provide shore excursions at different ports of call.
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