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Amazon South America Cruises

From Peruvian Andes to Colombia, the Amazon River winds east through Brazil to Belem on Brazil's Atlantic coast, and the Amazon Rainforest and river itself can be explored on our best Amazon River Cruises. Among Brazil Amazon cruises, Manaus is the main departure point for the Rio Solimoes or Rio Negro rivers. Peru Amazon Cruises are most popular in Iquitos, the world's largest city that is not accessible by road, in the northeast of the country. Furthermore, you can also float along less-traveled Amazon tributaries in Bolivia and Ecuador. We offer Amazon River tours that allow our guests to explore the Amazon further and see incredible wildlife as well as indigenous cultures. Our Amazon cruises can be fully customized to suit your preferences, and there are several cruises to choose from.

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12 Nights | Amazon (South America) | Viking Ocean | Viking Sea

12 Nights | Amazon (South America) | Viking Ocean | Viking Sea
Lowest Rate*
  • Balcony $4,099.00
  • Suite $5,999.00
From $4,099.00* $341.58 / night(s)

12 Nights | Amazon (South America) | Viking Ocean | Viking Sea

12 Nights | Amazon (South America) | Viking Ocean | Viking Sea
Lowest Rate*
  • Balcony $4,799.00
  • Suite $7,999.00
From $4,799.00* $399.92 / night(s)

12 Nights | Amazon (South America) | Viking Ocean | Viking Sea

12 Nights | Amazon (South America) | Viking Ocean | Viking Sea
Lowest Rate*
  • Balcony $4,799.00
  • Suite $8,499.00
From $4,799.00* $399.92 / night(s)

12 Nights | Amazon (South America) | Viking Ocean | Viking Sea

12 Nights | Amazon (South America) | Viking Ocean | Viking Sea
Lowest Rate*
  • Suite $17,999.00
From $17,999.00* $1,499.92 / night(s)

Popular Departure Ports for Amazon

Cruise to the Amazon and experience the lush green forest, river, and unknown and unseen wildlife! Several departure ports will take you to Amazon. This river has become a dream of many fellow cruisers who believe in adventures. The different departure ports for Amazon River cruises are Manaus, Brazil; Iquitos, Peru; Santarem and Belem, Brazil; and Leticia, Colombia. These ports will take you to the rainforest and will make you experience the colorful native traditions of the Amazon.

Cruises to Amazon, South America depart from these Departure Ports:

Things To Know About Amazon, South America

Cruise Lines: Cruise Lines that take you to Amazon are Oceania, Holland America, Seabourn, Azamara, P&O Cruises, and Regent Seven Seas Cruises.

Contemporary Culture: As you sail along the Amazon rivers, you will see the remote villages and some indigenous peoples who live in the Amazon.

Biologically: In the Amazon, you can find about 10% of the world's known animals and plant species.

Wildlife: From Macaws to jaguars and pink dolphins to glass frogs, here you can find some well-known yet unique wildlife.

Get More Info About Cruise to Amazon, South America:

Top Cruises to Amazon, South America

Both oceangoing and river cruise ships that can fit in the wide and expansive Amazon River go there. But from luxury lines to big cruise lines, you can expect the ones that are listed below.

Seabourn Cruise Line

Amazon is home to flooded forests, wildlife, and challenging humans to explore. Here at this destination, you need an expedition team who will help you in learning the rise and fall of the Amazon, the local people, and their culture. Moreover, you will also encounter the wilderness of howler monkeys, birds, squirrels, monkeys, and sloths.

Silversea Cruise Line

Silversea cruise line says that South America is a place where you can experience everything from rainforests like the Amazon to deserts like the Atacama Desert. It offers an extreme glimpse of the continent's most dramatic extremes. Hope on Silversea cruise ship and explore the culture, tradition, local people, and wildlife of Amazon on your next adventure cruise to the Amazon, South America.

Princess Cruise Line

Depart from the port of Santarem, which is the river port that actually sails up the river in order to reach the Amazon. You can consider this port as your connecting port for Amazon because this is a place where the Amazon meets the Tapajos, which is another massive Brazilian river. From this port, you can take your cruise to the Amazon and explore the rainforest with locals, just like locals.

Holland America Cruise Line

When you are sailing to the Amazon, you can not only explore the remote villages but also learn about their local culture, traditions, and the people who have lived in the Amazon for centuries. Start exploring the Caribbean islands to the Amazon Rainforest. Here, you will find out about the scarlet macaws and the two-toned meeting of waters.

Viking Ocean Cruise Line

Viking Ocean Cruise ships bring you the true adventure of the Amazon River on its sailings! Go on fishing for piranhas, visit the Tapajos National Forest Flora, and enjoy the local entertainment performances and the scenic sailing of the mighty Amazon River. This cruise line gives you an opportunity to explore the Amazon rainforest and watch over 1,000 species of birds and 25,000 plant species with unique flora, fauna, and wildlife.

Highlights Of Cruises to Amazon, South America

Below are the highlights of cruises to Amazon. You will experience all these things on your dream cruise vacation to the Amazon River.

Manaus, Brazil

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Santarem, Portugal

French Guiana

Castries, St Lucia

Bridgetown, Barbados

Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda

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FAQs for Cruises to Amazon, South America

Cruise lines such as Princess, Holland America, Crystal, Silversea, and Seabourn go to Amazon.

The average cost of an Amazon cruise starts from $1750 to $2000 for trips of 4 to 5 days on small river ships out of Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador.

Yes, the Amazon River cruise is worth it because you can experience the unseen wildlife spotted only on the Amazon River Trips.

The best time to cruise to the Amazon River is from June to November, which is the low-water season, and from December through to May, for the high-water season.
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